help for the Pro combine

Ok ive never posted here before so im just going to tell you guys everything i got and see if anyone can give me any tips, advice.

I have tryouts for 2 AFL1 teams on sept 23rd and oct 1st. im a WR here are my stats

Weight: 195
Bf: 8%

this is what i need help on. tell me what is strong/weak about these stats:

20yd dash: 2.48-2.6

40yd dash: 4.54-4.6

Pro Shuttle: 4.0-4.26

225 Reps: 10-12
Squat Max: 325

Verticl Jump: 33"

I know it isnt much info to give you guys but could u possibly give me anything i can use to improve on any of these

What type of timing was used for the sprints? I am assuming hand timed from first start?

I am also assuming by your stats that you are a possession receiver?

What is involved in the tryouts? combines?

I would say at your weight for football you have some issues with your max strength atleast. If you are a possession receiver the sprint times might not be that bad, I dont know the style of play in the AFL.

actually 195 isnt heavy. yea i got good muscle but im not a possesion wr. im like a Terry Glenn(NFL) or Reggie Wayne(NFL) if you know who they are.

yea it was hand timed from 1st movement. so your saying 195 is to heavy, and my bench and squat needs to come up. i can run a much better 40(I think in the low 4.4 high 4.3) but i must be doing somthing wrong.

for example:
i think i stay in my drive phase to long. i pick my head up at about 25yds.

if i run at 2.5 20yd dash and finish at 4.5 would that mean my top speed or acceleration or both is bad

there doing 40yd dash, pro shuttle and position specific drills at the combine.

he called u a possesion wr bc u dont have 4.3-4.4 speed. u should try and get some spilt times 10-20-40. since u r wr speed is key i would do something like this:

mon: speed (300yds) and weights
starts/sleds work/runs out to 30m
med throws
hurdle hops
add some cod 10-15mins
power clean
bp max effort day
any aux u want

tue: tempo

wed: speed (300-400) and weights
starts/runs out 60yds
box jumps
hang cleans
snatch deadlifts

thur: tempo

fri: speed (300-400) and weights
starts/flying 20/30-40 acc zone
med throws/hurdle hops
add some change of direction work here 10-15mins
power snatch
front squats
bp rep day get about 50 reps at 225
db rows
rev hypers

for ur upper work get one day of heavy weights and one day of reps, same for the aux. ur height and weight is good, should drop bf more. need more lower body strength, vj is ok. ur bp is not bad, cant really tell much about the times since u dont have ur first 10. if u run a 2.48 20 and only run a 4.58 u need more top speed bc from 20-40 thats not good.

utfooball pretty much hit it right on, slower receivers I usually equate with possession. your weight is fine, i dont have a problem with your weight, its right around where it should be, i was stating the strength to weight was a little low more so if your a possession receiver i would say. also agree with the top end issue depending on how accurate the hand times are, i never quite understand why coaches dont take the time and just video the runs, there are free media players that can get you very near FAT timing.

the only thing i may suggest is doing light weight circuits instead of tempo, i would guess as a football player you would rather be in the weight room than the track, again, the difference is negligable in my opinion more a matter of preference, but what utfootball has outlined seems very reasonable.

where can we download those media players?

i use virtual dub, its free, it goes frame by frame which is about .03 so i mean its accurate enough a lot more so than hand time. i mean even regular players like powerdvd which i use before i finalize discs and what not can get you close enough if you put it down to 1/16 speed. i believe windows media also has a plugin to get the timing down to 1/100 of a second but i believe you have to pay for that.

i have windows media but never seen that feature. is this the link

Window media doesnt come with the 1/100 second timing, I believe there is a plugin you can purchase which will show you the timing to hundreth’s of a second, however I do not remember where I saw that at, you could check the windows media player site they might have something, but I don’t believe that is where I saw it at.

Yea that looks to be the site, not certain I downloaded it over a year ago, so if it blows up your computer it wasnt me, jk, yea that looks like its it.

maurice drew first ten was 1.58/20:2.66/40 4.39. his top speed is more then good at only 5’6

Those arent bad numbers, as long as you play like a 4.6 guy throughout the whole game is what matters, and then you will be considered a go-to guy.

I understandwhat you mean by possesion Wr but im a stretch the field Wr. anyways Thanx for all the adviceim going to try to drop more bf.

i have a couple of questions. What is “gluthams”? also could you explain tempo to me. the workout that was outlined there is almost identical to the one ive been doing. i guess i need to drop bf and keep at it then

4.6 is not a good time for a wr at least not where i am from, maybe in canada.

Tempo running is active recovery, and it plays a very big role in training. I think 8% is fine and just keep your diet straight. Glute ham raises are a good exercise for the posterior, you could do RDL’s and SLDL’s if you dont have access to a glute ham raise machine.

Agree with utfootball, 4.6 ht would not cut it in the nfl, you need to hit around the high 4.4s at least, perhaps this doesnt hold true in the afl.

u dont need glut ham machine, just use a lat pd machine.

i dont run a 4.6 this is what ive been running with my girlfriend handtiming me. and i measured the run to be 41yds to get used to running through the finish. i would run in the 4.4’s. thats why im saying im not a possesion wr and im not slow. i run about a 4.47 right now. if i can improve on my start i know i can run a 4.38-4.40.

as far as glutham machine my gym doesnt have one of those.

how do you do RDL?? I probobaly know what the lift is but just call it by a different name.

and noone really explained what tempo is. unless i missed it

read my post use the glutham machine. was that 4.47 on grass/field turf/track. go to any search and type in glutham and u will find pic and apply those pics to the lat mac

4.47 on track.

how about this if possible give me goals that i shuld be acheving in order to impress people at the tryout


225 reps:18?

hey bud u need to time on grass, thats what they probably will time u on. cant help you with goals bc i dont know how much time u have. u should be running high 4.3’s at least on track and with ur gf timing u.