hamstring rehab

I have recently been to a doctor and he has told me i have a slight tear in my hamstring tendon. This injury occured a while ago, so he told me i could start rehabilatation(jogging, weightlifting). He said after two months i should be back to normal(sprinting again). I have been jogging a little and it still hurts after my workout. the pain is not bad. Is it normal when rehabilatating that it hurts a little? it normally hurts after a workout. Am i making it worse or what? Should I just do nothing for two months. Please help to guide me and tell me what i should do in the next two months.

Are you sure he said ham TENDON? If you’ve had a tendon tear, it would be excruciating. You should have an ultra-sound at the minimum if this is the case. Exactly where is the injury? Maybe he said semi-tendonosis?

at first he i had an xray and he said it is probably an avulsion fracture. then i had an mri and he said i had a very small tear in my tendon. this happed a while back and it did hurt pretty bad. can you give me some advice for the nxt two months?

How old are you and where do you live? This is a serious situation and needs good therapy.

i am fifteen and i live in charlotte. I have already had therapy about two months ago. It isnt bad right now. it just hurts a little after workouts. should i just not do anything for two months?

what can i do for the next two months???

Is this diagnosis from a general practitioner (I don’t know what you call them in the U.S?) or a specialist? You really need a diagnosis from a specialist, otherwise you could waste a lot of time/money, and opportunity.

i dont know?
what do you recommend i do so i get 100% better?

I would avoid activities that aggrevate the injury site. If jogging is one of them, then you probably shouldn’t be jogging. Please keep in mind that, if not taken care of properly, an injury like this can jeopardize your whole future as an athlete. You should, therefore, not be thinking about how to get back into training as soon, but rather about how to allow the injury to heal as completely as possible. Even if you have to miss a whole season, that’s still much better than having to end your sporting career at the age of 15.


thanx. that is pretty scary.
Would it be healthy to not do anything for acouple of months. I just want to make sure nothing else happens to it. Is it true that glucosamine and msm can help recovery time as well?

Dear James,

I did not mean to scare you, but just wanted to make sure you understand that a tendon tear is an injury that needs to be taken seriously. 

I am sure that, if taken care of properly, this injury will heal nicely and that you still have many successful sporting years ahead of you.

However, if this injury is not allowed to heal completely it might develop into something more serious and possibly even into a career-ending disaster.

I had a very talented teammate once who, at the age of about 17, busted his achilles tendon, which resulted in a premature end to his career.

I don’t want to give you any specific advice on drugs and supplements that you should take, as I think that this should be done by the professionals that treat you. Also, how would you be able to know that I actually know what I am talking about? I myself would not just take advice from someone I have never seen, whose personal details and qualifications I don’t know and who could basically tell me anything without any chance of ever being held responsible for having given bad advice.

The best thing for you do now is probably to see a specialist and do exactly as they tell you while avoiding any activities that further aggravate your injury.

I wish you all the best and a speedy and complete recovery,

This can be a serious injury, but you need a proper medical opinion, based on the MRI results and follow-up to determine how long you need to “lie low” and what you can do in the meantime (such as easy pool training).

if i aggravate it just a little, will it further injure me at all?


Agrrivating the injury may cause 2 things to happen. 1st, it will delay your recovery time. The sooner you are healed, the sooner you will be able to perform at 100%. This is where you improve. In your current condition you will NOT improve, you will get worse. So why bother?? 2nd, it may cause the area to form unhealthy scar tissue which can lead to chronic (forever) problems. Why not rest??? you are 15 years old! Are you going to the world championships and your 10 million dollar sponsor will can you if you don’t compete?? I don’t understand why you won’t just rest. You have at least 10-15 years until you are at your peak. Just take some time to chill bro. Aight?


Aight:)Also whan it is a little aggravated should i stretch? strtching aggravates it a little. maybe just light stretching?


You are probably to young to know who Mike Webster was. He played football for the Pittsburg Steelers as a center and made the Hall of Fame.
During the time he played he was one of the strongest and best players in the league and he did it by hard work. He came out of college at 220 lbs and built himself up to over 260 lbs of functional bad ass.

I remember a story told by his offensive line coach. Mike had tore up his knee and needed surgery. The coach went to the hospital the day after surgery to visit, and Mike made him bring in a pair of 75 lbs dumbells so he could work on his upper body in the hospital while his knee mended.

You sound like you don’t want to just sit on your ass while your hammy heals even if it means re-injurying it. I like your attitude. So why not take Herb’s and Robin’s advice and let the thing heal. And look at this as an opportunity to really work on your upper body without havin to bother with squats or deadlifts or oly lifts.

good luck,

and take a minute to look up some pictures of Mike Webster on the net, the guy was pure train smoke.


I like that story TD - that’s attitude!!!

yeah that is exactley it. I am not too strong so i guess i should workout more. Also, I am in gym and it is kind of hard to take it easy. I say i wont do much but then i start doing more than i should. I think i am gonna tie a belt around my legs so i cant run:)
Thanks for the advice!

what is the best way to get rid of scar tissue? Does stretching get rid of most of it? Does it just make you less flexible because my hamstring is pretty flexible now.

Good physiotherapy man - cross friction and massage … gotta part with the spondulas ($$$) man - sorry … but better spend it now rather than later!