GPP Hill graph

For week 6 and 7 it shows introducing speed work on the track while cutting back on the hills. For week 8 it shows 3 days of hills.

What track work, if any should be done this week?

Week 5: 2 hills/1 flat session
Week 6: 1 hill/2 flat sessions
Week 7: 3 flat sessions

Flat sessions can be done on grass ?

They can if the grass surface is level etc, I would perfer the track for runs such as efe/fef.

How many pages of graphs were supposed to come with the download?

Week 7 has hills, too, on Saturdays.

You also keep the hills on Saturday(from what I could tell) and take them out to 80m(from 60m in week 7) within the next 2-3 wks.

Charlie, what do the weeks after week 7 (regarding the hill work) on Saturdays look like since you say “out to 80m within 2-3 weeks”-I’m assuming you mean within 2-3 weeks of the completion of week 7?

I’ve never been able to figure out how this works with high/low since you are going from speed to hills on consecutive days(Friday/ Sat.).

After the hills are completed after, I suppose(?), 9-10 weeks do you go back to tempo days on Saturdays? Thanks.

The hills are tolerable on Sat because:
A: They become lower intensity over the longer distance, which contrasts with Fri’s short speed. You’ll often see this with Strength Endurance set-ups as well. As the intensity rises on Fri into the SPP, you can ultimately shift to Strength Endurance to keep the overall intensity tolerable yet still get great conditioning.
B: You have Sun off to recover (as in Sp, SE, OFF)

Okay, thanks.

Are the hills completed after approx. week 10(since you say to 80m within 2-3 wks) or do you stay with them longer?

If so, do you eventually replace them in the program with tempo/hurdle mobility on Sat. as done previously?

I know I’m all about the questions but in totaling your speed volumes late in the gpp/early spp do you include the hill work? I say this since I see the speed volume peaks around the same time as week 3 of the 3/1/3 mx. strength phase. I’m trying to figure out if the volumes of each speed session are actually higher to get this total volume or is the total higher due to including the volume from four(?) days(with the hills).

It’s individual, depending on weather (for us), level of the athlete (lower the level, the less the speed work contrasts and also the longer the GPP)
Also, you DO include the volume of the hills in the speed totals.

What is the desired effect from a GPP cycle when dealing with lower level athletes ?
Theoretically they could do just gpp all year long and get faster

I’m trying to blend the gpp into the spp as smoothly as possible and guess I’ll stay with hills through about week 10 or so.

In the dvd you say out to 80m within 2-3 weeks and it’s coming from 8 x 60m with full recoveries. Are the 80s also with full recoveries and does the total volume drop down from 480m just as the the previous total was 640m? Thanks.

Yes- the vol will drop- prob 4 x 80 for 320m with full recoveries.

During an unload week, is it necessary to unload hill work in terms of intensity and volume as it is with sprint work? I was thinking that the hill work is of a low enough intensity even with 100% efforts that the work should remain maximal but only the intensity of the true speed work would be ramped down. Is this thinking correct regarding vol. and int. of the hill work?

I’d keep the vol the same and adjust intensity only if needed by exposure to CNS fatigue elsewhere in the program. If a modification is needed, you could reduce the effort slightly and shorten the recoveries to keep the overall workload up.

Approx. how many weeks is it common to stay with the Sat. hill work? My guys have just completed 3 weeks(11 total weeks of training) of 4 x 80. We have our first meet on Dec. 5th and they have yet to do any longer split runs as in 1+1+1 etc. and I’m thinking we need to get out of str. end and into the longer split runs but I’m not quite sure. We’ve been going with the incomplete recovery 60’s on Wed. up til now.

I’d go with your inclination- and the weather. You can move the runs inside if you need to.

Thanks and thus far, the book is outstanding! Just getting started on the EMS chapter/book.

BTW, a bit off topic, but how long for the split run RI between sets? Going to go with the 60-90 sec. walk break between reps and probably, at least, 12-15 min. between sets-TOO SHORT? I will be splitting 300m as in the previously mentioned 100/100/100 and then probably 150/150 in the next week or something similar.

Breaks sound good to start with- you can spread the set breaks as they get faster

Is it typical to increase the rep breaks over time for SE I from 60-90 sec. to contribute to the intensification process or is that simply a range to allow for individual variation in maintaining the quality of reps within the split run set?