GAY/SPEARMON training methods

anyone have any insights on to how these cats train?

remember i once read on trackshark that spearmon said the workouts that really got him into shape were the one 350m, two 250m, and one 160m.

i don’t know, perhaps they training long to short since they came from a distance school in Arkansas or maybe they train concurrent the same as MVP and powell.

Word on the street is a lot of intensive tempo.

must be harder for them to train right now cos their coach is in jail.

i know what they do for warm-up because my high school coach went down there this summer and spent like a few days with them. after years of thinking that i must do static stretches before running, i now do what my coach said they did which is dynamic stuff and it works great, i used it all summer(i trained 6 days a week all summer). here is what my coach said they do for warm up:

  1. 2 laps stride straight, pitter patter while stepping over the knee w/ dorsiflexion on curves
  2. Fire hydrants on all 4’s-10 each leg
  3. on all 4’s, swing leg parallel to ground from front hand to back foot- 10 each leg
  4. on all 4’s, extend leg straight back and move up and down 10 times each
  5. same as 4 but make 90 degree angle with leg and go up and down 10 times each
  6. 10x hips circles counter clock and clock wise
  7. 10-12x ballistic stretches each leg, side leg swings and front leg swings
  8. 3x20m A-skip
  9. 3x20m each leg fast A-steps: pitter patter 3 steps then fast piston like motion with one leg
  10. 3x20m fast high knees, emphasize heal to hamstring
  11. 2x25 m each leg, straight leg run with claw. cadence is 3 strght legs and one claw for 20m, should get about 4-5 claws
  12. 2x25m each leg, claws on demand. start straight leg running and have someone yell “1” and you do one claw and continue slr, then they yell “2” and you do 2 claws.
  13. 2x20m stright leg running, get bigger steps each time and work arms
  14. a few sprints as needed

i think this warm up is awesome, it works great for me, but i do butterfly stretches and lunge stretch at end as needed.

its nothing special just another dym warmup.

would be interesting to know if your coach has employed something learned there in your training session

they do LOADS AND LOADS of intensive tempo… very old school training.

Old school training but with a nu skool warm up! Thats an interesting choice.

Just goes to show there is more than one way to skin a cat

Sorry but do they have the same coach? What´s his/their name?

Yes. Launce Brauman.

can you post some examples?

Well Lance Brauman is coming out with a video (or was at least, who knows now), that was going to show a lot of this and explain his philosophy, but it was generally reps of 150-300 (a good amount in the 200-250 range) with relatively short rests (3-5mins for most) but very high volume (~1400-2000m or so). Sounds like extensive tempo, but these were to be run very fast, supposedly, well outside of extensive pace in the 85-90% area. If I can get a specific example workout in the next day or two, I will as there is information out there from a couple of Arkansas guys and Brauman himself before his legal troubles.

They did do speedwork as well, obviously, but this did not make up a majority of the winter training season or training season as a whole. I am not sure about the weights or exact plyos (and # of contacts), so that could make it a completely different situation.

look like a good dvd.

If the runs are “very fast”, it wouldn’t be “intensive tempo” would it??

they do very lil speed work, bulk of there training is int tempo - 6x250 5min rest.

5 min is still a fair break- not what I’d use but not what I’d call tempo.

Charlie isn’t it only speed if over 95%? How are you going to run 95%+ with a 5min break? I am interested because there are probably a lot of these types from back when you were running.

It’s a new classification. Brauman endurance :slight_smile: