for fun

Not far away is Aaron’s rx2 13b bridgeport with kings sport store on the doors. Hasn’t started in 4 years back when he decided it was too powerful for the street. Now he is ready to drift, 750kg and 500hp and at 15,000rpm massive torque

I get into less trouble with my bike riding around town to do things in the city and discovered having more hp means trouble with insurance for AC.

I guess some of these cars don’t get driven because of their capabilities and speed temptations?

I don’t do bikes and in Sydney traffic one would need suicidal tendacies to try one. Insurance over here is based on car not engine.

You are right, when one of our cars gets past the safe envelope it gets taken off the road hence the avator motor which may get put in a hillclimb car, emphasis on may.

I see the difference between a rotary and a piston motor the same as speed dynamics and what I use.

Speed dynamics being the rotary (in the land of fairies), the in line piston motor has power from one direction.

You should race Jay Schroeder :slight_smile: He’s racing motorcycles all day long from what I can see in his Twitter :slight_smile:
I wonder what wins a drag, a Ducati 999 or one of your modded cars :slight_smile:

Have beaten the odd road bike at traffic lights but only for a stir. We haven’t run under 10s on the strip, back off half way cause the rta get notified, have to fit parachutes, not worth the hassles.

Talking to a coach yesterday, he was off the moon last week cause one of the athletes he has coached for 3 years won at the underage nationals. Turns out the parent rang and said he was no longer good enough to coach the kid and they were moving up the ladder. One shattered coach.

do a search on mad mike, a kiwi driving a rx7 which will fry tyres doing the ton

Jesus. So the coach that develops the national champ isn’t good enough… shakes head

This used to happen to me as a trumpet teacher. Train em up from scratch then when they start to get good they get another teacher who gets the credit…

Often hear of school teachers approaching kids parents to get them to change to another teacher.

Jokes aside. Athletics has a problem getting both athletes and coaches, there has to be a better way.

At the recent la’s state a boy my wife coached jumped a pb. She received a text saying the boy would not be back and would be joining a group to train with. The positive is there is one more kid training, we don’t care who he is with, he is now an athlete.

Helping Barb with 3 kids today. Plyos and 60s (comfortable).

Jersey male 16. Harry male 12. Helen female 16.

Jersey 4 boxes, 3 last 5 reps
Helen 3
Harry 2

Barb has been invited as Sebastians coach to the AIS for the jumps clinic. My mate dropped sprint coaching him 2 weeks before Perth. We spent the time we had to get his mechanics right. We were expecting pb’s in 100, long, triple and high jump. Time will tell.

One of the things I am trying to reinforce with my son is something that Charlie instilled and wanted for him also … You don’t have to be religious to follow simple rules about " doing to other’s as you might want them to do to you ".
What seems fun to me is to watch what ends up happening once these athletes that get lured away from their origin of success … Sadly professionalism does not always exist within the sporting world does it?
Track is a wonderful sport but because it is an individual sport the mentality within some of the players is a bit different than athlete’s that succeed within the environment of a team sport. The idea of working together as a team is a life skill. If an athlete is not smart enough or wise enough at any given time to see or appreciate this fact it might be argued that this person in question may have done you and or your wife a favor for leaving.

So true.

It costs nothing to smile and in a situation where you don’t want to be, smile and walk away. As a coach we also must remember they are someone else’s kid so everything is based on being honest.

Married for 34 years, 2 boys and one grandson. Barb gave away her career to raise a family then went back to it. Currently studing for a masters in law. Sebastions mother says Barb coaches like a mother, only another mother can fully grasp what she means

Seb will be completing years 11 and 12 over 3 years. He has not received a clearance from his physio, his program will not be drafted beforehand.

Spent the day working with Aaron on his motor. $200 car has had $2,000 spent on it.

Tomorrow at Blacktown with Barb helping with Fredrick and two girls. Fredric is 13, competed as a 15yr in triple and come home with bronze. Walks like Asapha Powell.

One of the kids had a discussion about training with his pe teacher at school. I did not know that a muscle had a memory.