for fun

A young man came to me and asked if I would coach him. One on one $40 a session, when I get the opportunity possibly one day a week.

PB 12.4, age 25,6,7 not sure. He asked a top coach and was told too old and not enough time.
I said, One on one $40 a session, when I get the opportunity hopefully one day a week.
trains at club and does weights in Penrith, told him what I wanted and he trains himself.
I have trained him 3 times in for 1hr give or take.
Equal pb 12.40et - 24.80et
new pb 12.25et, first race he didnt come last.
uncomfortable headwind finished in middle of pack and beat athletes he has never beat before at the last round of ANSW Kings Sports Store Club Premiership
That is the first 4 weeks done with.

I will have to tell him he keeps his own diary, this may finish it may not. I am too old. lol

We haven’t been able to catch up, he works and I try to.
Times back to normal.
Had pain coming from the hip flexors, see physio. It appears he is running without activating the glutes. Physio give him some exercises.
We will try for next week, will sort out a couple of drills and take it from there.

Got him to train with a mates group at Blacktown.

Helping my wife with a couple of youth jumpers. Both have qualified for nationals and so far top qualifiers.

Built a sled for a lady, She is writing her own program, I am her technique adviser.

blacktown, eh? where are you guys located? I train at campbelltown…

Thw wife coaches at Blacktown and Homebush. Me I am just one of the crowd.

Have been asked by Emil to talk about training together.

Hopefully we can catch up this weekend.

It was good to catch up and chat.

I will continue with what I am currently doing.

A young lady I used to coach came 2nd in the open 100m. Am a little surprised the new coaches haven’t fixed her supposedly bad starting position.

One of the athletes the wife coaches won his age group for high jump.

Same lad won the triple jump.

The other lad came third in triple

7 m in the long jump and a fractured ankle. Guess he will not be competing in the high jump. Not bad for a kid who turn 16 last week.

Thats a long way to jump! Kudoes

6.97 is the official result. Remeasured after he was taken by ambulance out of the pit. 6 weeks in plaster for a fractured talus (bone where the tibia joins the foot). The old record belonged to a mate Jake Stein.

The other lad came 3rd in the triple jump

The elder of the two lads has been accepted into the national u/17 jumps development squad. The wife used half of the last training session working on his acceleration for the long jump. It was a 40+cm pb.

Where did that engine come out of Sady ? Im into engines and mechanics myself. You rebuilding it ?

It is a jap import mazda 12a turbo rotary. So far it has been in and out of a capella. If i get motovated it goes in my series1 rx7, track car after i put it back together. It has been pulled apart and tweaked so have no immediate intensions of pulling it down again. In the capella just over 400hp.

My current project is a toyota cressida which i am restoring for my grandson. 7mg 3 litre 24 valve, a doctors supra. Cost $43,000 new in 1991.

I’m hearing so much about that RX7 rotary but we don’t have them in Israel :frowning: You like the japs I see…

I recently salvaged a modded S40 2.0T after I bent the crank :frowning: Was too rich for my blood. wonderful motor though, especially the T4/T5

Let us know how that project goes !
Tracked. best of luck to your future successful sprinter.

One of my son’s mates is over your way tuning drift cars. His nickname was EFFY. Nissan skyline was his drive.

Rotaries were barred from racing after one won LManz. 4rotor embarrasing everyone.

Toyota 6 can handle 1,000hp on the bottom end.