Excessive Warming Up?

So it seems to me that the less I warm up the faster I run my 55m. And after a thorough warm up, I saw my time get slower from trial to finals, even with a better start in the finals. Here’s what I do for my general warm up:

-Put on underarmour, t-shirt, basketball shorts, sweatshirt and sweatpants on over jersey
-4 min jog
-stretch checks
-sprinter drills ~10m each (a skips, powerful a skips, b skips, b skips every third, straight leg bounds, powerful straight leg bounds, carioca both ways, hi skips)
-build up #1, ~75% effort
-build up #2 ~85% effort
-build up #3 at full effort while relaxed
-ditch the sweats
-build up to full speed (in flats now)
-two three point starts
-blast out

i was wondering if anyone had any input on this, because i don’t think i have a ridiculous amount of warming up, but my time is better by a whole tenth or two in meets that i have warmed up less for. maybe this could be a result of having a weak CNS. would that make sense? and if so, what would anyone recommend to change. obviously i should do whatever leads to the fastest times, but maybe should i cut out the “powerful” sprinter drills, and some of the runs before my race and just try to break a sweat then go? muscularly i can definitely handle this warm up, so i cant really figure out why my times seem to slow down from doing a warm up like it…

Do the samething you do in workouts.

My warmup:
400-600 mobility jog
static stretch
Dym flex
builds 2x30
STJ x3
2-3 starts or flys
Rest 10mins

this is often my pre-workout warm up too, but since i dont really time my workout runs im not really sure how it affects my running speed… what is “STJ”?

That warm-up isn’t long at all. How do you know your start was better? Do you have video or splits? Maybe everyone else had a worse start. Your warm-up looks pretty good actually.

standing triple jump. Use the same warmup you do Mon-fri.

As for myself, under this CFTS, I can only run fast AFTER I run 1 or 2 20m sprints @ 95%. In other words, after I do that, I feel as if I switch my CNS on; and it stays on for hours.

In order to do the sprints, to turn on my CNS without hurting myself, the warm up aspect (slow jog), and the dynamic stretching is long enough to warm up my 200lbs body (at least 20min); and this lenth depends on the ambient tempature. So for example, if it’s cold outside I take a shorter warmup and if it’s hot I take the longer warmup I made out for myself.

Did you mean to say cold outside = longer warmup, hot outside = shorter warmup?

I find the more fatigued someone is the more they seem to need to warm up (get ready) to perform. The fresher you are the less activation that might need to be required to perform.

When near a peaking period warm ups could be much less in duration than in heavier periods of training.

Following a standard routine is essential for warm up but each individual may vary it depending on how they feel on that day. Personally, I would like to help an athlete tune into their own body so they can decide through a feeling whether they are ‘ready’ or not for performance.

Na… I take a shorter warm up when it’s cold. For example I just stick to the jog to break a sweat then hit a few gradual 20’s then 1-2 hard ones.

The reason I do this is because if I sit around or take my time when it’s cold out I loose the body heat just from sitting around and taking my time.

Mind you, it needs to be REALLY cold out in order for me to make this adjustment.

Yea, that’s really it… Everybody is a different size, and eveybody warms up at diffrent rates.

I disagree and CF talks about this in the 10day taper dvd. During the taper period warming up etc may feel easier but the athlete shouldn’t change there warmup, this could lead to a disaster.

i almost fell coming out of the blocks in the trials, so i was assuming that it had to be worse than my finals start which was in decent form.

what i cant figure out is why my races are faster when i warm up less. one thing that i may have noticed is my best races come after a warm up then a big waiting period, so maybe im not fully recovering from the warm up? i no that my body recovers slowly in any full-body movements eg running

I always suggest to sprinters I coach is to have the warm up completed 15-20 mins before the race, then to relax and just focus. This ties in with the usual wait in the call room at championships. I’m not talking about major games where the report time would involve a much longer wait before racing. Your warm up doesn’t look excessive, just make sure you are relaxed in the build ups so you don’t waste energy. :cool:

i performed best when i warmed up for a very short period of time and worked fast. I listened to heavy rock music, ate something with sugar, and really tried to increase my adrenaline. I did this before track meets, football games, wrestling meets etc.

My coach had us do very long extensive warm ups that often tired me before i even ran. (I wasn’t in very good condition :slight_smile: ) Im not saying that his warm ups werent good, I just dont think they worked best for me.

maybe my conditioning is lacking as i havent done as much conditioning since my season began. i tried a much lower volume warm up today and it felt good. i have one more meet before the meet i want to run my best at so ill try the shorter warm up with more rest between the warm up and the rest. ill c how it goes, thanks for everyones input

I’m sure fitness isn’t the issue.

probably not, esp since im a real light weight so i dont have any of the weight issues some of the heavier sprinters at my school have, but ill try the lighter warm up this saturday and if it doesnt work i can just revert back to my old setup

Do whatever you need to do to warmup, the slower and less explosive you are the less you need to warmup.

yeah, my best this year is 6.92 in the 55m so its not like i run especially fast

I agree with the others, your warm-up looks decent and isn’t that long, I’d say it’s on the shorter side if anything.

If you feel like a shorter warm-up would help you run better my guess is you’re rushing through your warm-up and getting yourself way too amped. Are you pretty nervous and high strung on race day? You might be expending so much nervous energy in the warm-up that you feel burnt come race time. If this is the case you’ll need a “slow cook the goose” type of warm-up.