EMS Protocols

I have tried to get in touch with Bob Tomilison but have been unable to. Does anyone have any information on EMS protocols? For instance, does anyone use EMS for the following; Muscle endurance, Strength building, Hypertophy, Using it during sleep etc,. I have been trying to find outas much information before I purchase an EMS machine.

http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=459574. Also in CFTS there is a whole unit on ems.

EMS is useful for Strength building and recovery purpose.
During the night you must have a “special” device for enhance recovery, not just simple EMS.
Someone use microcurrent (cellstim/acutron/FSM) device for night regeneration.

In a past thread you have asked about ARP, this stuff work for night recovery.

We have (from few weeks) an ARP, and we stay working with it for therapy/performance/research and at the moment we have interesting results.

Do a search on the forum for EMS, there are a lot of infos!

The ARP appears to be quite different from traditional EMS and I suspect the two systems can be very complimentary from my brief exposure. ARP allows for movement while EMS holds the muscle in tetany. Very interesting and I suspect we’ll hear more about it here on this site soon.

SURE!!! :slight_smile:

When you get the chance, could you talk about what you and Bob Tomlinson observed with the ARP as far as effects and possible uses? Thanks in advance.

I haven’t had any discussions with Bob.

Basically ARP work for:

  1. Muscles loosening - relax muscles lowering their tone.
  2. A new form of “Active EMS”, you can move your muscles during EMS without tissue injury, but you can have connective stress/injury (but i must analyze better this point).
  3. Restore proper bioelectricity in areas where there is a problem/injury.

(I cannot speak about ARP own protocols for legal issue).

These are basic infos, next time I’ll try to give you much from extensive experience in sport recovery and performance.

what do u mean by active ems and moving bodyparts. does that mean you can do weight drills while doing ems?

I.e. you do bw squat with pads on your hams.

You can use weight during ARP but you can be sore for days…this is my experience, at the moment I like bw exercise and ARP.

We have the machine from few weeks and the infos are limited, we stay testing protocols and monitorig with OW the body responce.

ok thats what i thought, i had a friend who pulled a hammy 3yrs ago, they had him during gh and legcurls while plug into the ems machine - cant remember exactly what he told me.

Yes, but ARP allow you to move muscles, common EMS…NO!
With ARP you can be sore for days because the machine has a great impact on connective tissue.

ok ARP, he said it was painful.


what have you found the arp effective for and how effective is it? I know you and pakewi are dealing more with athletes that don’t have to deal with strong eccentric impacts (swimmers), but I am still interested to hear more of how you incorporate the arp into your approach both with healthy and injured athletes.

Davan, my (and pakewi) experience with arp is actually limited (we have purchased it from few weeks).
At the moment we have positive feedback from minor injury and muscle spasm after workout.

Next month there is a swimming race and I want to try some protocols…so I can give you much infos!

I’ve wrote some protocols based on my therapeutic experience with EMS/Microcurrent/Acupuncture and I’ve had good results with back, knee and shoulder pain on 4 athlete in 2-4 sessions.

Pakewi has had good results during workout with healthy athletes!

Not anymore.I personally deal with athletes from all sports at this time.The ARP is very effective.
You have to know and understand how to use it.
Just as with any other piece of technology,the whole point is how to get the most out of it,which is entirely dependant upon the user.

have you had any experience using the ARP to treat injuries. if so, could you list the injury site, severity of injury, any failed forms of attempted rehab, and results from ARP. i am particularly interested in the ARP to treat a hamstring strain. thanks for any info you can provide.

Has anyone used the ARP for recovery and regenration at night for athletes?

I’ve some doubt on this form of long time stimulation (for recovery purpose), my idea is give a stimulation, proper nutrition and then leave the body making the change.

Last night I’ve done only an 1 hour of ARP/total body stimulation, and I falled aspleep and this morning I was much relaxed but with little mind confusion.

If I’m not wrong, Pakewi had an experience on ARP at night.

How many deives do you have? I am thinking of purchasing the ARP for personal but also for professional. I have been researching the ARP but have found little research. Any advice or help would greatly be appreciated.