Dwain Chambers vertical jump- 68''


That is probably one of the dumbest things you can do. It’s about as smart as him answering his door. Anyway, 68" minus 32" or so of inseam…

Not a 68" vertical jump but rather a 68 inch box jump. His vertical is probably 40 inches. Thats still impressive though.

my mistake, yes box jump… :slight_smile:

yeah impressive but running sub 10 at the moment for dwain would be even more impressive not even mentioning sub 9.60

what does this point out at the end of the day???:confused::confused::confused:

That he has good hip mobility/flexibility.

that he can jump very high…:slight_smile:

Wrong, box jumping has nothing to do with vertical jumping ability.

Nothing to do with is going a bit far. For the average person, vertical jump probably accounts for half of the total height, while the other half comes from hip flexibility. If you increase your vert 10 inches, you’ll be able to jump onto a 10 inch higher box.

Oh, and I get his first “test hop” at about 37", based on time in the air.

My point is just because someone can jump on a 70in box doesn’t mean they have a VJ of 44in. I know several athletes who can jump onto 60in box and cant’ VJ 38in.

fellow members…whats the point in even discussing this.there are alot of sprinters who can do this but don’t because of risk but they can do it.big deal…so if you can do this you can run sub 9.90.WOW! if you want to see something impressive and relative to an event i would you tube highjumper holmes from sweden and look at him jumping.WHY??? because hes 5’8 and can jump 2.30+. now thats impressive

my point is…when dwain can run 9.60+ then ill be impressed.otherwise these clips mean nothing because hes not at the races!

9.6+ is very very very impressive, but 11ft standing long jump, or 68 box jump, or 33ft standing triple jump, or whatever, isn’t impressive enough? You must only run under 10 and if not , nothing is impressive? YOU must be a 9.6 runner, if not, you are not impressive for anything…

Pavel its impressive what dwain did but at the end of the day what good is it doing him? his ambition is to run as fast as he can.my question is-what he did is great but what does it prove?

now i want realistic answers and please don’t repeat the above posts’.

my last point regarding your post is-dwain is trying to get back on top.he must perform with the rest of the elite guys who are in the 9.6-7 range (usian/asafa/tyson). nowadays 10 flat or 10.1 will get you nothing at major meets which is what dwain is doing so at his level his times are not impressive compared to the elite 3. an average time now is 10flat due to the fact that the bar has reached a new level of 9.5 and as times get quicker then the average will come down.

Let’s not forget that 6.42 he ran at the European Indoors. He did not deliver in the 100m this season, but it’s a shame as he looked primed for a 9.9x at the very least.