analyse this

David Oliver - talking about massive shoulders !

Jeremy Wariner before the Fall

Yea… ha ha… I left him out!!

How would you analyse this photo Kitkat?
It’s seems pretty good form to me but I’m not an expert (yet).
He seems relaxed, hip rotation is ok, arms are ok, shoulders relaxed?

Looks pretty darn good to me.

It amazes me to see most other athletes who are on the circuit for a long period of time get larger and have more muscle bulk as the years pass. However Spearmon seems to have stayed the same size and yet kept up with these guys.

Yep, same with Allyson Felix on the female side.

IMO, maybe a little too much outward rotation of the shoulders/torsion of the midline (although he might be fast on the curve he would tend to be fighting it a little and using up energy)

A coach of mine showing off his start.

damn he must get some hangtime

Does this suppose to be a great start??

I’m not sure to be honest. He says that all he had back in the day was his start. This picture puzzled me. How did he get that much height? I didnt see this in motion just the pic. Looks freaky.

While he is waisting time in the air everyone else will have taken 2 or 3 steps. lol

That’s what I was thinking, shit is horrible…

He seems to be generating a lot of explosive strength, unless your a dabhand with photoshop :slight_smile:

i noticed wallace spearmon changed from nike to saucony

It looks like he just jumped out of the blocks to get a picture. His shin is parallel to the ground, I have a hard time imagining how he could have taken another half-decent step.

If he wasnt so high in the air this would probably be a great start. He probably has lost some of the strength required to hold that position close to the ground and as a result compensated by going up in the air.

No photoshop there haha

He is so fast he lost his shadow at the start as well!