Do his workouts really work?

I’m training under Istvan Javorek. He has me performing his complex’s, at first they toned me up and we begging to build strength but now its now doing much of anything. We also do his other workouts but they are not gaining me anything. Im begining to question his methods, i dont know if im right ofr doing so, if anybody with any real knowledge of Coach Javoreks techniques could input on this question i would appreciat it.

I’d say that you are pretty lucky to have such a vetern coach.

I agree with Kaczmarsk!

What are you training to compete in?


Have you noticed any improvement in your sprint workouts.

What did he say when you talked to him it?

to answer johng109 yes but im not sure its a resault of his workouts.
to john: he just told me that he’s building exsplosiveness.

maybe you should post your training, comprehensive of track and gym workout.
Also, age, training experience (both track and weights), and pbs.

are you still training with Javorek? Are you able to provide an update over the last 18 months?

Yes and yes. Over the last 18 months. Well let me start with the summer. I performed his workouts to the -T- I noticed gaines in my jumps regions quite nicely, an improve of at least 3 to 4in. I put on weight 5-8lbs as well and i felt really strong in the core going into the fall. But this is when things fell apart for me and the team in general. Our track coach was under heavy pressure from the president to raise the team GPA up. Due to this and certain atheltes unwillinness to do all that he asked our track coach punished us by not allowing us to workout and only due mandatory studyhall (what perpose for not allowing us to workout was I have no idea). Due to this we all fell behind in strength levels as well as general shape. We only were allowed to start working out 3 weeks before the indoor season only because he realized that some of my fellow teammates where not going to get the grades he desired. But even with these set backs i was able to put up some 6.8’s. I have sinced run out of eligability for the juco level of athletics. So i’m training unattached for the outdoor season only focusing towards the summer where I will be able to actually have time for meets and actually pay for them. The big problem/if any with javoreks workouts is that even with performing them daily as perscribed you loose strength levels, not in the legs but in the upper body (which i feel is very important to sprinting) I also feel that the lower body is worked to much, almost all his lifts deal with the incorperation of the leg movements. I do think that it is a great system for general fitness and building tremendous core strength, its just that he doesnt feel that track athletes need alot of olympic style of lifting, although he uses the snatchs alot. Lately i have focused on getting my upper body strength levels to where they use to be so i’ve incorperated bench and slightly heavier presses. i’ll post my general workout for a week tomarrow.

I’m sorry Austin I never read a word you posted … who’s the chick mate?

I wouldn’t think that basing one’s training around weightlifting/barbell complexes is going to do a whole lot to improve strength, power, and more importantly, performance in one’s chosen sport if the athlete is anywhere above a remedial preparedness level. It will improve one’s capacity for performing work in the weight room, which could be beneficial for a period of time, but to continuously make this the sole focus of training won’t help develop the qualities listed above anywhere near their fullest potential, if this is what is occuring in training.

hey, i have all his workouts on paper but dont really understand alot of them, they are pretty different from most people…

from what i read, he needs his guys to train 6+ hours a day, i doubt most people can do that…

it would be awesome if you could post the workouts your doing…

Javoreks stuff is ok…its meant for lower talented indivduals. To bring to up to par. His complexes should be considered a warmup or strength endurance modality. There are much better methods for tweaking the CNS. Remember most of his work is done with Jr college students from Johnson County Community College not D1

Junior college students… or members of dominant Olympic weightlifting teams.

OLing is a great sport, I love it. Is it the best way to build an athlete? A weighlifting athlete yes, sprinter no. OL only build the qualities to improve performance when =>80%, which strong athletes find diff because of tech. So coaches hot for OL keep the poundages down. I think the ocassional clean for sprinting works but 75% should be varieties of squats and assistance, and sprint drills.

Its a bit of a paradox that he has coached the sport at such a high level yet posts vids of guys doing oly lifts or variations with very poor form and you can hear him complimenting them on how great their form is…

very strange.

Iirc those complexes are rubbish but for basic conditioning. Could someone summarise them for me?

I’ve got them somewhere, I’ll post it when I find it. It’s basically - muscle snatch/snatch/OH squat/ jerk/ other OL hybrids/ect in order. I haven’t used it for years.

I saw one particular IJ program about 7-8 years ago. I thought the volume was crazy and the sequencing of exercises worse. There was one session where barbell curls was the first or second exercise of about 7-8 in the session with power snatch last or nearly so. Another one had some other purely isolation movements early in the workout with back squats towards the end.

Two guys on our team were on that program and I took the one I ended up working directly with(as a 4/8 guy) off the program and really simplified what he was doing, changed the exercise order with a drastic volume decrease. The other kid(who I tried to convince to scrap the program that a coach sold him on) made minimal gains and was so beat up and fatigued that his running started to suffer so he eventually gave up the IJ program and any other program for that matter. He was so frustrated that the other kid was doing much less total work than him but really beginning to leave him in terms of strength gains and track performances.