Do his workouts really work?


whats rediculous about it?

Considering that he coached FLoyd Hurd to all of his fastest times, and Floyd slowed down when he went to Lewis camp. He also coached all of the Taxas A&M athletes from baseball to football to swimming…so i think you need to learn your history before you say anything else dumb. And just cause their in Juco does not mean their lower talented athletes. Alot of professional athletes go through juco schools, its useually cause they dont make the grades out of high school to go D-I.

eh whatever, I’ve seen his setup first hand at JCCC and wasnt impressed. No offense but his stuff is a bit average. Muscle snatch all day if that makes you feel better.

Excuse my ignorance, but what’s a muscle snatch?

Damn what do they teach you guys over there in the UK. :wink: On a muscle snatch you just press the bar out the rest of the way at the top.

Anything “power” is when you don’t have to drop down into a full squat to catch it (e.g. it’s with a light weight).

dug it up, there are a couple versions including dbs, heres one:

Barbell Upright Row X 6

Barbell High Pull Snatch X 6

Barbell Behind The Head Squat Push Press X 6

Barbell Behind The Head Good Morning X 6

Barbell Bent Over Row X 6

one after another no rest

30 Reps per set, one complex is condsidered a set.

And Austin, who’s to say this Hurd guys performance increased or decreased because of Istan?? Performance is based off special prep work (sprint coach and drills) not general prep work (Javorek):rolleyes: hmmmm.

Anyway, didn’t mean to offend you about the Juco athletic powerhouses:confused: but if an athlete gets a scholarship to D1 they’d have to be retarded not to get in off of the allowances they are given, minimum is a pass in these cases.

Huh? He want to know whats a muscle snatch.

I think TC was pointing out there are perhaps two versions of an Olympic movement, power and then muscle?? Could be wrong, but that wouldn’t be a surprise with how little we get taught in the UK!! :wink: LOL

not really

i should have just said anything “muscle” instead of anything “power”

full snatch is a deep catch catching it anywhere from a full squat position up to a half squat position

power snatch is catching it with a bit of a dip/knee bend… maybe quarter squat position

muscle snatch is with no knee bend at all… you catch it standing up perfectly straight.

I looked at some raw footage of him working with an OLer in front of a grid with plexiglass plates to see the technique better. Looked good I thought. Also saw some hill work with an interesting set of “stairs” that are wooden boxes holding ground up tires to bound in. I don’t agree with all the exercises and, as volumes are individual, everyone needs to create their own appropriate volume out of what they choose to adapt.

A “pure” power snatch is the same as a muscle snatch!!! That is, if you can pull the bar without any apparent slowing all the way up to an arms locked out overhead position. Then, such a lift is both a “power” snatch and a “muscle” snatch. However the decrepency, in the two types of snatches, starts when the bar’s momenteum slows or stops before you can lockout your arms overhead.

On a “muscle” snatch you just press the bar out the rest of the way. However, it should be noted, muscle snatches WILL NOT PASS as an acceptable snatch in an Olympic lifting contest.

Not really. He has tapes with pretty good WL technique demonstrated by Wesly Barnett. The clips you talk about are of athletes from basketball and hockey , which dont need perfect technique on WL lifts, but just enough to rip the benefits , and keep the practitioner injury free. (of course, there may be ppl who will insist perfect technique is required. different points of view i assume, nothing wrong with that). Although a WL coach (senior international level for USWF, iirc) he stated not once that too many ppl coming from WL background make the mistake to consider WL programs perfect for all sports conditioning.

May of the programs he put out for general public, are general conditioning programs , and are not special* physical preparation programs for advanced athletes (except the WL programs from his book).

There are voices complaining of the very high volume used by Javorek, but those individuals should never forget that volume and intensity is to be adjusted individually for their athletes, and they should not just blindly copy Javorek’s programs and serve them to their athletes as their own.

He has several major performances coached

I keep contact with Javorek and he is a nice man, and I benefited from his knowledge.

The curl at the start of the sequence is to help you select the appropriate weight. You will always be able to squat and snatch a weight you can curl, but if you put it last you probably would be too gassed to finish.

Not the best way to develop power but a pretty good method for strength endurance and GPP.

He has complexes for different peoples needs. You can’t form a good enough opinion on a great coach based on a couple of random complexes.

My opinion is based upon the program that he was said to have written(whether or not he actually did, I don’t know though based upon your statement, I’d assume he did write it) I still don’t think much of it no matter the reasoning. I, personally, think that is one of the shortcomings of many programs-improper(imo) ordering.

I said nothing, either way, about how I viewed him as a coach. My comments were based, strictly, upon the one program that I viewed that was attributed to IJ.

He was the track coach as well.
No i was’nt offended, no harm here. Well I guess about 25% of the NFL is retarded that goes for Tyson Gay being retarded as well since he is a graduate of Barton Community College.:smiley:

Tyson Gay did good. I stand corrected.