Death to the Conjugate Method?

Death to the Conjugate Method?

Here is my asnwer to Wu Gong Heng’s PM:

I have just read it before a day… it is REALISTIC!
Please take a look at mine last post in Strenght training for begginers thread — it is very hard to make periodization classifications… One should not use a periodization type because he feels like it, but rather to achive setted goals… under current criterias!

What does concurent/conjugate actually means? To implement ME/RE/DE on all movement patterns? How do you plan doing it for pulling motions? Is this really neccesary…?? Should one use different exercises for different efforts for same movement pattern or implement pyramid method (not my opinion, but sometime usable…)??? You see, conjugate/concurent method in his purity actually DON’T EXISTS…
I may confused you even more… sorry if I did it :slight_smile:

I like that article… made me really think.

BTW Thanks Duxx!


Are you M.Jovanovic?

Unfortunally, yes :slight_smile:

You are a Big-coach.

Have you write articles and books for Periodizazion ,good in Bodybuilding and Soccer?

And good sites for this topic?And Books?


Thanks for kind word Davids… :slight_smile:

:confused: (little confused)
I am just an ordinary student of sport interested in strength training and conditioning… not even a full time coach :slight_smile:
And no, I havent wrote any books, nor I work in soccer (altought I am interested in) — I work in bball now!
Sites:, this one,,,, …

Regarding conjugate… It basically means working all types of effort in a given cycle… And now is where the things start to get messy.

  1. There are a lot of movement pattern (knee dominant, hip dominant, single leg, horizontal push, horizontal pull, vertical push, vertical pull…)
  2. There are three efforts for concentric movement: ME, RE and DE. Now include here eccentric, isometric, reactive…
  3. Now define a given cycle…

Now you see that CONJUGATE in its purity DOESN’T exists!!! Why, because if you just multiply all that movement patterns (7 for example) with all that effort types (3 concentric, 1 isometric, 1 eccentric = 5 actually even more due subtypes)and you get 7*5 = 35 different exercises in a given period!!! Or you can use 7 exercises and utilize pyramid system and screw yourself :slight_smile:

I am now working on one template (hypothetical, just to play around), utilizing two types of exercises: core and assistance. Both of them have their periodization methods…

For example:
Hypertrophy phase (3-4weeks + unload)
Core 5x6
Assistance 3x10

Base (3-4 weeks + unload)
Core 4x4
Assistance 2x8

Max Strength (3-4 weeks + unload)
Core 3x2
Assistance 2x5

“Maintenance?” (In-Season)
Core 3x2, 2x4 1x6 (rotate core exercises in week ala Tier system)
Assistance Daily Undulating Scheme (2x8-12)
— Not worry, I will present this hypothetical model in due course

And, how would you consider this??? Is this conjugate or linear…??? Two words: WHO CARES! :slight_smile:
BTW, in hypertrophy cycle, you can do one heavy tripple set and then do mentioned reps, but this depends on the level of the athlete and setteg goals…

What are the better books?I have ready Poliquin,Francis,Bompa,Thibaudeau…

I think common sense is the best! :slight_smile:
Take a look at Joe Kenn’s book too! Also, the new book from Lon Kilgore and Mark Rippetoes should be published soon… I expect a lot from it… it is called “Practical Programming”

I was playing around with Microsoft Visio, and I made this pic

Very good…thanx.
Where I can to find your articles?

What are Joe Kenn’s book?Site?Thanx

Check my articles at and!

Joe Kenn’s book is called “The coach’s strength training playbook”! Check on or at

You got an awesome article from Joe Kenn about Tier System here

Good job as usual.
My Lax, and BBall plan is very similar to what you have there only I did not include the exercises, reps, etc. It is a general plan with graphs to iullustate during different times of the year the “emphasis”. It is an Excell file. How do I post it?

Thanks quik, but remeber that it is only a two hour play — nothing serious! :)A lot of thing to be changed… but it is agood start!

You could capture a screen with ACDSee and post it as a picture…

Quik, take a look at this thread, because it has something to do with this kind of “mechanistic” periodization, and in which I, btw, have quoted you :slight_smile:

Just being a semantic nitpick but you might want to get one of the Russki translations or Supertraining and look up what conjugate training acually means

as opposed to what Simmons said it means

they are not the same


Hey Lyle,

I am just about to read your Periodization for bodybuilders article series… they are just besides me printed… what a coincidence :slight_smile:
As far I am familiar, conjugate/concurent means developing couple of traits/abilties at the same time (same time = microcycle usually). Maybe you are confusing Supertrainig definition of Conjugate Sequence System (Block System of Verkhoshanski) and concurrent/conjugate?
Can you post a definition from Supertraining, becuase mine is in another city…

I just copied and pasted it in paint, and in photo
editor and saved it. When I try and post it on here as an attachmentment the file is too large. Any way around this? Keep in mind it is on excell and when printed out takes up just about the entire sheet of paper.

The coach’s strength training playboo,Is a good book for Periodizazion in Bodybuilding?..and for Soccer?

And books of Bompa?