DavidG's Sprint Training Log

Thought it was about time I started a training log so people can see what I do on the track, I’ll also use this to document the training I do in Portugal when I go warm weather training in a few weeks.

The percentage figures I’ve stated are percentage of flat out pace at that distance.

So for anything 200m and below 100% = flat out, but for something like a 400m 100% means 400m race pace, so not quite as fast.

Tuesday 19th Feb
1 lap warmup, 20mins medball & bodyweight exercises, 6 mins stretching
300m x 2, 250m x 2, 200m x 2, 150m x 2, 100m x 2 w/3 min rest, working up from 70% to 90%

Thursday 21st Feb
1 lap warmup, 20mins medball & bodyweight exercises, 6 mins stretching
300m @ 70%
50m x 2, 60m x 2, 70m x 2, 100m x 2 @ 95% w/2 min rest

Saturday 23rd Feb
3 lap warmup, 20 mins dynamic drills
30m tyre pulls (10kg weight disc added) x 5 @ 95%
30m block starts x 5 @ 100% w/1 min rest
120m sprints @ 95% w/4 min rest, concentrating on technique

Tuesday 26th Feb
Resistance exercises, press ups, hops/jumps up stairs
High knees, side steps, heel flicks etc.

1st set - 200m x 2 @ 70%, 200m @ 80% w/2 mins rest between runs
5 minute rest
2nd set - 200m @ 90%, 400m @ 70%
5 minute rest
3rd set - 400m @ 70%, 400m @ 80% w/2 mins rest between runs

Hi David,

I’m really happy to see you’ll be updating your journal here. It will be very interesting to see what kind of training you are doing and to follow your progress heading toward outdoors.


Thursday 28th Feb
Shuttle runs (jogging), shuttle runs (sprint, jog back)
30 seconds skipping, 10 pressups, 30 seconds skipping, 20 situps
Warmup drills as usual

120m x 2 @ 80%
120m @ 90%
100m x 2 @ 95%
80m @ 100%
60m @ 100%
50m @ 100%
60m @ 100%
80m @ 100%
100m @ 100%

2 minute rest between runs

Nice to know people are reading it :slight_smile: It’s hard to remember what the sessions are because by the time I’ve got home and had dinner it’s been 2 hours already!

Tuesday 5th March
Medball exercises (upper body and core)
Warmup drills as usual
1st set - 2 x 300m @ 80%
2nd set - 2 x 200 @ 100%
3rd set - 2 x 100 @ 100%
4th set - 2 x 60m @ 100%

Couple of minutes between runs + 5 mins between sets

That looks hard. Did you do 80% as intensity or 80% speed?

Yer that was a pretty hard session, and the 300s were 80% intensity as they were only warmup runs really.

oh no! please dont tell me your going to Monte Gordo??? lol

Noo we’re off to Albufeira, not a million miles away though!

Thank god lol monte is swamped with English athletes who go every year, same faces and the place has very little to offer

Albufeira doesn’t have the same quality of facilities but the lifestyle will be better. Just don’t get to involved out on the strip lol

The hotel we stayed at last year (and are staying at again this year) seemed very multi-national, there were lots of German, and Russian athletes there last year.

Yee the facilities in Albufeira aren’t the best, but it is a nice place to be. And it’s far enough from the nearest town that going out partying isn’t much of a temptation. lol

Thursday 7th March
1 lap jog, 20 mins warmup drills

Pyramid: 2 minutes rest between runs including walk back

120m @ 90%
150m @ 90%
180m @ 90%
200m @ 95%

5 minute rest

200m @ 90%
180m @ 90%
150m @ 90%
120m @ 95%

5 minute rest

50m x 2 @ 95% (1 minute between runs including walk back)

Do you mind explaining the purpose of this workout? I’m having trouble understanding it.

Which part? Or just all of it?

Honestly I don’t know what the specific purpose of the session was, I get told what runs to do, and I do them. lol

Saturday 9th March
2 mins/500m rowing – moderate difficulty

Leg press
10 reps per weight: 30kg, 50kg, 70kg, 90kg, 110kg, 130kg, 150kg, 170kg, 190kg (max on machine)

2 mins easy cycling

Butterfly Machine
10 reps: 30kg, 40kg, 50kg

Lat pull downs
10 reps per weight: 20kg, 30kg, 40kg, 50kg, 60kg, 70kg
5 reps per weight: 80kg, 90kg, 100kg

Leg press
5 reps per weight: 190kg, 170kg, 150kg, 130kg, 110kg, 90kg, 70kg, 50kg, 30kg
5 reps per weight (on toes): 30kg, 50kg, 70kg

Shoulder press
10 reps 30kg

Overhead med ball sit-ups (arms extended)
10 x 8kg, 20 x 8kg, 30 x 6kg (1 minute rest between sets)

Alternate hand med ball press-ups
10 reps, 1 minute rest, 20 reps

Leg raises (lay on back, lift to 90 degrees then lower to 1 inch from floor)
10 reps, 1 minute rest, 20 reps

Alternate hand med ball press-ups
10 reps

Med ball hypers (med ball held behind head)
20 x 4kg

Alternate hand med ball press-ups
20 reps

Med ball hypers (med ball held behind head)
20 x 4kg

Leg press (on toes)
20 reps 120kg, fast/powerful
1 minute rest
20 reps 120kg, fast/powerful

Lat pull downs (hard down, slow up)
10 reps per weight: 70kg, 60kg, 50kg

Calf raises (fast)
20 reps each weight (not including bar): 40kg, 60kg, 80kg, 60kg, 40kg

Shoulder press
20 x 30kg

Tuesday 12th March
Small warm-up circuit: press-ups, calf raises, drills etc.

1st set: 500m @ 75 %, 400m @ 80%
5 minute rest
2nd set: 300m @ 85%, 200m @ 90%, 100m @ 95%
5 minute rest
3rd set: 60m, 70m, 80m, 90m, 100m @ 95%
(2 minute recovery including walk back between all runs)

further to my post on the other forum…

your 100m (accel/speed) work is where? lol

I’ve always said the training is too long, but it’s a very mixed abilities group, there’s nobody anywhere near my level and the training seems to be ‘averaged out’ so it ends up being too long/too easy for me, but too short/too hard for the bottom end of the group.

The sessions I do at Radley on Saturdays are much more sprint orientated, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the period I was training there Monday/Wednesday aswell was the period leading up to my PB…

Hi David,

You are definitely going to run into some questioners, as you know Charlie’s program always had a great deal of alactic speed work. It’s very interesting that your PB’s also reflect the type of program you’ve been mostly doing. As AJ mentioned, there seems to be a dearth of alactic 0-60m type pure speed work. I’d expect someone who runs 21.4 or better to be able to break 7 flat easily in a 60m race.

Clearly you are having success right now, so any changes would have to be very carefully thought about I’d say.

Thanks for keeping us posted. May I ask who your coach’s main influences are when it comes to training theory?

I have been wondering this as well, but I was going to see what other workouts David does before commenting on it. In my opinion, days that sort of looked like they might be targeting speed had way too much volume and not nearly enough rest between.

I had to double and then triple check that I was reading the numbers correctly in his signature.