Dan John's Tap Tester

here is a nice tool that will test your CNS firing speeds as well state of CNS recovery :slight_smile:


along with recording your waking pulse every morning, see the highest figure you can get on the Tap tester and record it in your log and note the trends, when the numbers dip, on the Tap tester, along with a rise in waking heartrate, then its time to back off!
A possible tool to tell when PRs are possible and when its not.

Also a tool to use to judge CNS firing speeds as per DBHammer? :smiley:

I prefer to do the test while playing old arcade-games.


Well I suppose those Olympic computer game sprinting races where you tap to make the sprinter run faster would work nicely as well :smiley:


What application does that program use? It doesn’t appear to work on my Mac. Do you know of any other testers?

Yes its a Windows application

I don’t know anything about Macs sorry :slight_smile:

Isn’t it an acquired skill? I got 67, then 76, then 81 with my right index finger. I’m sure it’d be different with my left hand. I guess consistency would show a trend though. We’ll see how it works out.

Eventually you will establish a baseline. This isn’t something that needs to be practiced, and you should do it the same way every time. Same hand, same finger, same body position, etc.

Probably once a day is a decent interval to get a grip on a trend.

A lot of us notice that when we feel “beat up” or tired, that there’s a noticable drop off.

Kelly B mentioned this tapping test somewhere in his posts as well, maybe on Rugged Mag. DB Hammer mentions using a tapping test to measure “neuro-rate”

I got out the old AA battery and my score was off the chart. ha ha. I’ll have to check it out

It’s just like sprinting, relax and tap it fast. When I try too hard I end up slower and crap out my finger muscles :slight_smile:

hey if you could, could you test it just before and the day after a training… would be interesting to see if it actually works

if everyone interested could do that it would be excellent that way we could get some idea of how useful this too is…

well I got a peak of 74 last night, and 76 just then. I have been resting since Thursday.

I am squatting heavy today or benching/rowing heavy - haven’t decided which yet :smiley:
either way ist’s going to be CNS draining

see what the taps are tommorrow morning.

I can only get 63 drank beer all day yesterday so maybe that hinders it hehe

but my friend got…100…113…114

dont know if my wireless keyboard has anything to do with it

What am I missing? I saved it, a file came up that said Utah’s Strongest Man at the top, number of seconds as 10. How do you start it? I have Windows.

What am I missing? I saved it, a file came up that said Utah’s Strongest Man at the top, number of seconds as 10. How do you start it? I have Windows.

Same exact thing happened here :mad:

did you press the space bar?

Ahha, thank you Kruger. I just followed Cool’s link and didn’t go through Dan John’s site.

Heck I just noticed that after you mentioned it :slight_smile:

well I did heavy squats yesterday - volume was quite low though

I hit 85 taps on the Taptester this morning and waking heartrate was 63 beats average is around 60, but it was slightly higher partly due to the fact I was moving a bit before hand.
Maybe there is some neural boosting from the squats as well since the highest I’ve tapped is 76? :slight_smile:

So I guess my CNS is fine but I do have that slightly warm heavy feeling in my head, but quite mild and slightly sore.

So technically I’m fine to train today and have a decent session :slight_smile:

Only managed two go’s before my forearm started cramping up but hit 91 then 93, seems like a nice little tool, will try and keep a log of this along with my heart rate.

Thanx CoolColJ

pretty neat…my best score is 83… thats fresh … if i do it and only wait like 10 seconds and try again my score is significantly lower.