Correlation times 100 Vs 200

I guy who played soccer for 2 years just “landed” on our team. We did 2 “tests” with him with 1 week between them,
so, he´s running around 12.0s ( 12.1s first week then 11.9s 1 week later ) but his 200m times aren´t ok, 1st was 26.5 then 26.0s.
He´s very conditioned and low fat percentages body, we can´t figure out what is this about ?
He should be running at least 25.0s right ? :confused:

I’d say that maybe his body is not used to running such a distance at high intensity and with decent form. I mean, soccer is a game consisting mostly of relatively short sprints (less than 50m) with jogging in between. That wouldnt exactly prepare you for the 200. With a little work and speed/special endurance though, I think it would be very likely that he would quickly drop down into the 25 and 24 zone.

Tks Mister, i can see you already played soccer too right ?
So, here´s the plan:
We´re gonna do a 3 days week train program,
which will be.
speed ( from 30 to 80m ) tuesdays
speed + special endurance ( from 150 to 200 ) thursdays
hills ( around 100m ) on saturdays.
Do you think weights on mondays could be a good idea, since he´s familiar with weight because of the soccer trains.
Any comments ?

Yup, I played soccer quite a bit up until a few years ago, so I know what’s required there.

I think that the days look OK, but just a few things that I notice.

If at all possible, have him do tempo runs (as shown here on this site) at least twice a week between the higher intensity work. That will really get his conditioning up, and it may also contribute to bettering his 200 time with the better physical preparation and work tolerance.

For the speed days, on Monday you dont want to get too much into the speed endurance zone, so I’d say keep it in the 20-60m range instead of the 30-80. Then on Wednesday, I’d suggest actually lengthening the distance to make it more of a Special Endurance Run (distances at around 250-300) then a speed endurance run, which you’re bordering on right now. The reason for this is that the 150-200 zone is much more taxing then the 250-300 zone, and he might not be ready for that yet. Then as you progress through the year you can eventually work down into that race range. Friday’s work looks fine, although I’m not sure the specifics of the hill work. Also, later on down the line (after 2-3 months) I’d phase out the hill work and make another track session, maybe a MaxV session or something like that, but that’s just me.

As far as weights, I’d say weights could be fine on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, as suggested by the CFTS.

Good luck, and any thing else I could help you with just fire the questions away and I’ll do my best.

Tks again MR C, i´ll be including your advices. :wink:

No i guy i have seen that plays soccer only can run 25sec for a 200 with no other formal training. In fact, most soccer players cant run that well just from playing soccer period. Most that i have seen, are more of a runner/jogger than a runner, let alone a sprinter/runner or a pure sprinter. Looks like he has a while to go in his training.
What is he training for? age?

Flying,12 for the 100 ain’t bad.the reason for the 26 200 could be endurance conditioning,lack of knowledge of the 200 race plan(!!!) or more than likely mechanics.i would say hes breaking up over the 200 as its a long way to go.

i to have played soccor in my days but have found that soccor players tend to run heel to toe.landing on the heel and rolling onto the toe then extending.

You´re damn right X,
we recorded him in a “smooth” 13s -> 100m and just like you said;
he´s running from heel to toes, plus,
he is running more like “steping over” or “jumping-over” track and not
pushing efficiently the track, he can run 26 with flats and same 26 with spikes !!!???
also, we noticed he´s about 50% stronger in flex extension than leg curls, his quads are much biger than his hams, actualy, he don´t have hams so far.
Theres a lot of work to do with him…

Soccer players tend to have a very distinct running style. I’ve been able to peg people as soccer players numerous times just from watching them run on the treadmill or at the track. It looks like they slow their feet down before hitting to ground to lessen the impact. Perhaps a habit formed from dribbling the ball and trying to keep it controlled? When I dribble a soccer ball while running quickly I can’t even begin to control it.

When I was in school, some of the soccer players could beat the cross country runners in distance races, but very few of them were fast over a sprint.

12sec for a 100m, when is that good? or is he like 14??? i know 15yr old girls running that fast.

Bold, you missed the rest of the story, he said that 12s is good compared with 26s for the 200m even for a soccer player.

No worrys.
though, its about right for somebody without any running training.
i would be rather happy to find somebody who can run 12s 100m and a 24sec 200m without any running training. That would be a pretty awsome runner with the right work.

id love to be able to run the 100m in 12s, and im 22

What are you training for? 100m? Sounds like you got a lot of learning ahead for you, you have come to the right place to learn. What are you current stat’s? yrs training, height, weight, strength, pb’s…

Well i play a sport called hurling. Its kinda like hockey so its more about speed over short distances and stamina but i very keen to improve my 100m/60m/30m time.

I have bought the GPP dvd and will follow it to a T once the season here finishes in approx 8weeks.

I’ve only really been training properly for <5months as before i just struggled along doing what i was told even when it plainly wasnt improving me. I decided to improve myself and ended up here.

Im 5 10, 180lbs, <10% BF, Squat 150kg ass to grass for reps (dont know 1rm prolly 170kg), bench 1rm 110kg (even though i bench only once a month at best due to no spotter)
I cant deadlift because it kills my lower back when i run so its just not worth it. Im getting stronger on GH raise though and gonna do good mornings instead.
In terms of pb’s I’d be lucky to go under 13s for 100m, 27s for 200m, 60s for 400m, 5mins for a mile.
Vert Jump is approx 24". Clean and Jerk 90kg but form is terrible. I think i could get well into the 100’s if i perfected the form but again no coach so its hard.

My main probs are:
1 - Not the fittest aerobically (hence gpp dvd to bring me on)
2 - very poor form, (run on my heels and hunched over- often been told i waddle like a duck)
3 - Too big upper body (did lots of BB exercises for too long)
4 - Not strong enough lower body (squat is ok but deadlift is crap and really kills my lower back so until i sort technique its in the can, not doing it)
5 - Not committed enough (huge drinking culture in Ireland and try as i might to escape it, i succumb every now and again to a bender)
6 - Relatively poor diet/metabolism. I take my protein and creatine but eat less than loads of ppl i know and still put on fat. My metabolism is crap
7 - Born slow.
8 - My sport is so skillfully intensive that i have very little time inseason to train for running.

All that been said, im gonna give it a right lash for a year and see what progress i can make. sub 12 200m would be a dream for me. approaching 11s 100m would be heaven. Im gonna do it…

sounds like you need lots of tempo, get some klm’s into your legs… it will help drop some weight, get some basic leg strength for running. 2k of tempo, say 10x200m at say, 34sec with say walk around recovery (approx 3min). once you are used to that and you will, you will be able to handle some speed work. but untill you can do it fairly easy and it feels almost relaxing after 15min of finnishing, they more than likley will feel like a session in themselfs. So avoid other running workouts, as the tempo will be all your workout you will need untill you have some basic fitness and leg strength worth working on. Depending on your weight and fitness level, it could take around 1mnth, or 3mnths?? Getting started from an unfit background is pretty darn hard, and this is the easiest way without getting overloaded and burned out or injured. Dont try 10 on your 1st time, go for the 34sec, if you cant keep at that pace after say 3, then stop, next time maybe you will get 3.5, then 4, then 4.5 ect, untill you can hold that pace untill you get to 10. Its all just little goals, one step at a time, or 1x200m at a time…

Im not exactly unfit, its just 30m is the most ive ever trained for before and it was more stamina work than out and out speed work. I reckon i should be well able for 10x200m @ 34s pace but icant do now as my season is at its peak here. Might be over in 6 weeks then i can start into it but then it’ll be autumn and the weather will be cack but i’ll do it anyway. Bought the gpp dvd so that’ll help me too. Im down to 176lbs now btw. 170lbs is my goal but at that stage i’ll be minus bodyfat id say. Im getting into bodybuilder terrotiry now…

6wks, yes wait. autumn = perfect weather for that training!!!

a guy i was talking to reckons he can do 12x200m at 26s pace consistantly with only 30s rest.
He’s 18 and never had formal sprint or weight training and plays soccer.
He also reckons he can do the 100m in 11.2
At that 200m tempo pace i predict his best 200m to be around 20s? is this a correct projection for that supposed pace?

Obviously i know all these number are greatly exaggerated but i was jusst wondering about the projection of what his best pace might be. I mean i could do 12x200 in 34s with 30 sec rest and my best is about 27s so obviously a 26s equivalent would be very low.
Its all BS though

It´s hard to someone whos running a 27pb for 200 to do 10x200m in 34 with 30s rest. I believe you can run in 34´s but with lot more than 30s rest.