Chinese Oly full Squat, 220 kg at 69 kg

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This is a link to a video taking at the Arnold Classic of the 69 kg Olympic gold medalist. 220kg x 2 back squat at 69kg bodyweight (485lbs at 152 lbs).

Guy is jacked - strong! :eek:
no pad needed for the bar :slight_smile:

You will notice most olylifters squat like that - even me to some extent - they flare their legs out, and then move em back in. Guess you use hip rotors more etc
This is considered bad by most powerlifters for some reason

this guy is ridiculous that does’nt even seem to be his max he does it effortlessly down and up but his legs going inwards man thats something new, my stance is wider then that abit but i lean forward more as my back dips alot when squatting as my lower back is’nt as strong for some reason even though i work on it alot, a limiting factor indeed. But man this guy is strong i tell ya 3 times your body weight…sigh, i dont like to use pad either it annoys me, i used to do it but nowadays it just gets abit sore sometimes.

Why is is that Oly lifters thighs seem bigger relative to bodyweight than powerlifters? Is it just that powerlifters have bigger upperbodies?

Powerlifting is more hip and posterior chain dominant… Especially at elite levels, Hes not quite elite yet but theres a guy over at rugged that squats 800lbs and he says that sinse he started powerlifting and his squat almost doubled his whole body has grown tremendously except his quads which might have shrunk a little. Oly lifting is more quad dominant…

Theoretically powerlifters would have bigger hamstrings than olylifters but olylifters bigger quads…

Ive never noticed it though…

There are contradictions becuase e.m.g tests suggest more quad intensity in powerlifting squats than Olypimpic squats yet I have certainly noticed the fuller developement of the quads in Olympic lifters than in Power lifters when they are of simmilar weight. Anybody who posts a pic of a 280 pound Olympic lifter and also posts a picture of a 350 pound powerlifter misses my point.

But weightlifters spend a lot of time front squatting and jerking as well as the classic lifts, maybe that is why.

220’s not that big. Boevski does 260 at the same body weight in the Bulgarian ironmind tape. Ivanov front squats 210 at 56kg!!

:eek: now that is imprssive!!

question though, with the knock on oly squats being no ham development, how do these guys get such great jumping and running abilities?

They train power in their pulls. Powerlifters pull three or four times their bodyweight slowly from the floor to hip height. Oly Lifters throw twice to three times their bodyweight high enough to catch it at arms’ length.

I don’t think anyone’s saying there’s no ham development with oly squats, just that there’s more quad development vs. power squats.

If you compare the descent of an oly squat vs. the descent of a power squat, the degree of hip flexion is roughly the same but the degree of knee flexion is greater with oly squats.

Most powerlifters train explosively as well as oly lifters.

OL’s can run and jump well not simply because the movents are explosive, but because the pulls use alot of the posterior chain, so they strengthen their hammies. The OL squats are only 1 piece of the pie.

Also, remember, world class OLers don’t actually pull the weight and catch it at arms length. If you watch competitions closely, they pull the bar up between their hips and the bottom of their chest, and then drop underneath the bar.

They still get full extension!!! hips pull through up on toes. This is all posterior chain. also remember the deeper the squat the more hamstring involvment. Look at any OL’s from the side, or the back. They are not only quads, they have very developed posterior chains. David Rigert looked like a bodybuilder.

Some of these powerlifter squats are starting to irritate me. What are these judges looking at for depth? :,January22cnd,APF-IowaMidwestPowerliftingChampionships-352.5kg-777lbSQ@67.5kg-148lb.wmv

This is correct, of course; by ‘at arms length’ I simply meant to indicate that they begin the recovery with the weight at arms’ length overhead, without any press-out.

very very impressive no strapping or spotter! HS!!

What? No box?

i’d prefer to watch what David posted…

is the powerlifter 19yr old?

not impressed with the depth either…

well if you want outright impressive squatting IMO

I have a vid of an olylifter who weighs 99kg, without any belt or anything, shoulder width stance, rock bottom - squat 285kg for 2 singles, then a double, and then squat 295kg for a single :eek:

And he doesn’t look that short either.
That’s a 218lb guy squatting 627lbs 2x1 , 627x2, then 649x1 …

All of those sets look pretty casual as well, and on the last single with 649lbs, he dumps the bar off his shoulder after he finishes it :cool:

Is that the one with Botev (australia)?