Charlie's Speed Program

hi, i was wondering if anyone could find or post the 8wk speed program by CF. I found it once on a random forum, save it on my computer for use this season, my computer broke n i cant find the wrkout anywhere, i also searched on archieves. i would appreciate any help even by the man himself

it went like this
week 1(MonWedFri)
10x10m flying start
10x10m lying in push up postion

Please Help, I really need it, (training to break my school record, 10.56)

have no clue what u r talking bout.

Ya mean the GPP 7 week plan?

it sounds like the gpp 7week plan to me! Its now available only from download from purchasing GPP essentials. Then, you will need the Vancourver 2004 dvd to know how to make up a plan that follows that.
Your other option, is to purchase the CFTS book, in that gives you ideas on how to formulate a plan, Or see if your library has a copy?
Or, look under the training journals section. there are guys doing workouts following CF;s workout plans that write up journals.

yea, is probably the Gpp 7week. whats the full meaning of CFTS? Charile Francis T…

if any one could copy n paste it, i would apprieciate it. Right now i can’t afford to buy anything :frowning: , all my money from wrk is goin towards my tuition for nxt semester, especially for housin so i could run track. thankx anyone

Charlie Francis Training System

The book is like $10 or so… not too bad. The GPP thing is on the forum–do a bit of searching as well. If you look through the member journals and read through the threads here, you will get some ideas on how to best address what you need to work on.

im sure you have 10 bucks, ask ur gf to get it for christmas…

lol, thats not bad, what is the full letters of CFTS

read the post above

i cant find it, could anyone please post it, if the found it, it would be easy to post it if you already seen it,

or any training as similar

lol I don’t have the exact link. You haven’t been looking around much if you cannot find good information.

i think this is a better deal:

training journal

thankx alot guys

I am 16 years old and here are my stats
I just finished the football season, and track is starting, im a sophomore, i run hurdles and sprints.
Body Weight-185
Bench Max-300
Box Squat-465, then i tried 500 and barely missed
Regular Parallel Squat-420
Standing Long Jump-9"7
I fell like i have gotten slower since i was a freshman. i ran a 4.6 40 in 8th grade, and we just retimed them yesterday, im in 10th grade and i ran a 4.6. Would someone help me get faster for track(55m(last year i ran 7.12)as a freshmen, i feel like my times are pathetic, and i want to run at least 6.70 or better indoors this year. Is this goal realistic?
Are my strength levels in proportion, or do i need more leg strength for my weight. Should I be doing extra work outside of track, like tempo running or anything. I would appreciate any help i could get, because i seem to not be able to get any faster.

what track work did you do as a freshman? Post your schedule as best as possible. then someone might help.

stuff running, you should take up powerlifting!!

well first ur regular squat should be more then ur box squat, overall i think ur leg strength is ok. since u r getting ready for the indoor 55 i would work on lots of acc and top speed. i would probably take one-two weeks off and let the mind and body recovery then get at it.

mon: acc and weights
starts and runs out to 30m
med throws and jumps

tue: tempo

wed: top speed and weights
flying 20’s
med ball throws

thur: tempo

fri: acc and weights
starts and runs out to 30
med ball throws and jumps


mon: acc and weights
starts and runs out to 30m
med throws and jumps

tue: tempo

wed: speed and weights
starts and flys
med ball throws

thur: tempo

fri: speed and weights
starts and runs out 80m
med ball throws and jumps


starts and flys
med throws

tue: tempo 1200m

starts and 60m vary the intensity limit
jumps about 20reps

gs circuit

fri: premeet

sat: race

i would do hurle drills on monday, that was mostly all my block work for the week. he made us do a good bit of 300s in the week, and most of my sprint work was doing baton passes. thats about all i did last year, so do you think id be fine working out on my own as well.

should i follow that schedule along with my track. the reason i am so strong for my age is because a year ago i started working out with this powerlifter, in a little over a year my bench has gone up 100 pounds. I think my strength program ive got is working pretty well, so i feel like i have the tools to get faster, if you know what i mean, maybe i just need to refine my technique and do lots of speed work? But what i said above was basically all we did for most of the track season.