Charlie's Birthday Today

On Charlie’s birthday, I will be reviewing a good deal of his works including re-reading Speed Trap and going through a number of videos. The Vancouver 2002 and 2004 videos are among my favorites. Of course, I have the raw video footage from each conference (12-14 hours of video total), so it should take me a while. But every minute of footage has special meaning to me.

Happy Birthday Charlie!

happy bday.

Happy Birthday Charlie!!! Best wishes to Angela and James!!!

Happy Birthday, Charlie! Thank you!

Happy birthday, Charlie. We miss you.

Happy Birthday Charlie, missed but never forgotten.

wow… he was in my dream last night and today I find out about the birthday :slight_smile: how appropriate !!

happy bday!

god bless charlie

CF was truly a legend. Happy Birthday Charlie.

Happy bday Charlie

Happy birthday to CF. The best.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Charlie and again - thank you.

Maybe a Vancouver Directors Cut is in order???!!! I’d be very interested!

Just found my notes from Vancouver 2002. I think I’ll read over them tonight.
Happy Birthday Charlie!

Happy Birthday Charlie. Sadly missed but never forgotten.

Happy birthday Charlie…greatly missed…hope you’re well Ange and James…We’ll speak soon.

Ciao Charlie…happy birthday to you!