Very hard to gain weight

I have a friend who is a powerlifter and he believes to gain weight one should eat as much solid food at one sitting then finish off with drinking as much juice a couple glasses heavy duty jucies ex: cranberry juice, it seems to work pretty well him.

the point behind his diet was its easier to drink more cal and eat them esp when you are already may feel full.

I don’t think that more mass would help your accelaration. Look at Kim Collins, he’s very quick, yet he probably doesn’t weigh any more than you.

That’s good advice. I know that I need to take in more than 5000 calories a day if I intend to gain any weight (with very moderate activity) and eating that much food makes me sick.

It’s much easier to chug down a quart of milk than it is to eat a couple of cheeseburgers.

I appreciate all the tips guys. I’ll do my best and I will tell yall how everything goes in my journal.

Have you considered a weight gaining supplement? I have a fast metabolism so I was recommended to use a weight gainer post workout supplement, which has treated me very well.

While im not gaining much weight, im not taking two shakes each day, plus im not really looking at gaining too much weight anyways, its just a great shake to have after a workout or as a meal “replacement”. Each serving for my particular gainer has 790 Calories, 160g CHO and 30g protein, + a bunch of other stuff.

good luck gaining!

Drink beer…Guinness to be exact.

lol, my dad fav.

Actually, I think Guinness is for strength. :smiley:

Seriously though, if you are having trouble getting enough calories liguids will definately help since you won’t feel as full. Like Rj said, try drinking whole milk throughout the day(other than right before or during the workout obviously as it can be a little heavy for a workout) in addition to your shakes.

Those arent really all that great of deals. They have the calories, but only like 10-15 servings for a very expensive price. So I’d rather make mine like I posted earlier except I will change the nonfat dry milk to whole milk. And maybe an extra scoop of protein powder.

they can become good deals if you spilt the servings, you may not need 700-1200 cal at one sitting spilt it up into 3ser.

thats why you shop on MUSCLE MONDAY!! lol…I have a membership at my local Gym Bag. And the first monday of each month I get 20% off, so I buy then. I get a 10lb bucket for ~ $40. its not that cheap I agree, especially if you are taking two shakes a day. But its an option. Im drinking one right now :smiley:

2 shakes thats alot of cal and surgars, over 1400 cal and who knows how much sugar. he may could pull something like this off if he train twice a day otherwise he could get fat from all the sugars etc.

You can get a 2200 calorie shake at GNC, then just divide the servings into thirds. If you are eating enough the 730+ calories will put you over the top.

It’s mostly MCT’s which are very unlikely to be stored as fat.

Try making shakes with it between meals. For example:

2 bananas
1 apple
1 nectarine
1/2 cucumber
1/2 cup coconut milk

…and throw a can of tuna in if you dare

Ive been getting around 4000-4200 so far. I think that should be enough for now. I was 165 last night after I drank that shake but then I was 161 this morning. How much weight should I expect to gain in a week?

An excess of approximately 2000-4000 calories during any give time period will result in weight gain of about a pound.

protein= 4calories per gram (~1800cal per lb)
fat= 9calories per gram (~4000cal per lb)

Usually trainers will tell fat clients that they need to burn ~3500 calories more than they take in per week to lose 1lb of fat.

This stuff is as simple or as complex as you want to make it. For your situation I might try to gain ~1lb of bodymass per week. Also remember body water content can at any time can drastically change your weight. So if you eat a ton of salt, your weight will be higher due to water retention. If you eat a bunch of diuretic foods (1lb of asparagus), your weight will likely be lower due to loss of water. Dehydrated or hungry? you’ll be a few pounds under. just drank a gallon of water? +8lbs

Tuna?? That sounds like a great way to absolutley ruin the taste lol. Why not just add a scoop or two of a protein blend powder instead?

I want some real protein, not some denatured powdered milk.

Hi Ku2u,
Some tips for you to gain weight. Increase caloric intake and increase number of daily meals.
Consume lots of proteins, supplements and drink energy fluids.