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I was just curious if CF has coached or trained any olympic medalists other than ben johnson?

Before asking, did you try to find out by reading what’s available online?

Speed Trap

tim and marion

You should let CF answer this thread…

Why thats common knowledge. It wasnt a big secret. was it?

I suspect CF isn’t going to bother. In his position, I wouldn’t justify my credentials on my own forum to someone with 2 posts.

Not calling him out rainy, why would you assume he needs to justify anything. FYI, I’m asking because someone called him out on a forum and I would like to justify my defense of him on that particular forum. I have 2 posts but I have been coming on here for 5 years, because I respect a lot of his info. Anyways, that’s why I ask. I thought I read awhile ago he handled Tim and Marion as well, but I don’t know the extent to which he coached either.

Coached tim to a world record. How many coaches have done that with two different athletes?

Lol seems like he has been here longer that you.

I coached athletes who got a number of Olympic medals. Some of the names are in Speed Trap, some I won’t mention.
I designed a training program for Tim, called, “Project World Record” but I only worked with him for a few weeks directly.
I can’t say what others in that group did but there were posts describing the training of Justin Gatlin by an athlete who was there and the workouts that were posted were identical (if you find them in the archives somewhere, notice the speed work was on grass at that point in the program- sound familiar?).
Marion Jones did not do my workouts except for the brief time she was here.

Gatlin uses methods kind of similar to Charlie’s. From what I have seen before the WR he was doing stuff like block starts.


Running 60m in about 6.0-6.3

Also 2x Special endurance runs over 200m in about 20.4-21.5 depending on pace.

On Van’04 DVD CF talks about Trevors modified short to long progression starting out with 9x90m runs 2x a week as speed endurance with incomplete recovery.

Nothing too different from what we are used to on the forum just high intensity high quality.

Crawford is having problems with one of his feet. It is a chronic injury in an extremely undesirable location.

Here is the early season program that I was given to by a friend of mine who was invited to train in Trevor’s camp. He was not able to finish the entire program due to unexpected financial issues. On the brighter side of things…its reliable info and can be thoroughly discussed! I will post more details once I am able to piece together all of the information that I have.

Warm up routine
4x100m accelerations with 100m walk
3 x A-skip.
3 x B-skip,
3 x High knees

4x10m-4x20m-4x30m-4x60m-(walkback recovery)
(5minutes recovery btw sets)
4x60m- 1x600 stride down focus on maintaining technique only 2 minutes
6x30metres high knees-
2x30meters single leg bounds-
2x30m hurdles jumps-
3 boxjumps-
3x30 medicine ball trunk work

4 x 200m ( 28sec-3minutes recovery)- 8minutes rest- 4x200m (28 sec - 3minutes recovery)


4 x 400meters ( 60 sec- 5 minutes recovery)


6x300meters ( 42sec-53sec / 90sec recovery)- push ups 2 x 50, abdominals 2 x 50, calf raises
2 x 50, pull ups 4 x 4

I think it’s usually better to have them follow your workouts and not credit you than to have them say they are following your workouts but actually be doing something crazy that you’ve never heard of, but that somehow used to be a workout you had people do, before it went through 35 sets of hands and got changed 104 times.

Of course, that’s if you’re a good coach. If you’re a bad coach, the other way around is probably better.

If you look at this site you might realise that while Ben’s performances were amazing, CF’s real legacy is in the number of coaches he has touched over the years and how his ideas have informed the training of more athlete’s at the high end of the sport than you could imagine.

Thanks for the info CF, that was all I was looking for.

Does anyone remember what thread the gatlin program Charlie spoke about is posted?
I did i search but to no avail.

Can’t remember but some of the spike work on grass is listed in this thread

Charlie, could you perhaps give us a SPP example-week of the training programm? From the top of your head…

I’d love to see how that GPP transists and what the final SPP looks like…

Also what did the weights during GPP look like? Rumor has it; Gatlin squatet up to 3 times a week during off-season.

Lots is known about CF’s Athletes but what I would like to know more about is CF The Athlete . All I have heard is that you attended Stanford as a sprinter, what kind of experiences as an athlete shaped who you are as a coach?

Warm up routine
4x100m accelerations with 100m walk
3 x A-skip.
3 x B-skip,
3 x High knees

Surely they do more than this for a warm up?