Breath control during a race?

Is there a certain way to breath during the race that helps recharge fuel cells and anyone know where i can find a 55 meter to 100 meter conversion calculator?

Mericer scoring tables conversions. enjoy.

In and out! Seriously, just breath naturally during the race. Don’t add tightness.

how do i do an in and out?and i notice go hard in the first 50 meters of the 100 and struggle with the rest because i already hit top speed what should i do?

you have poor work capacity and speed endurance.

poor work capacity?you’ve never seen me work

Hey, I was joking! Just breath normally- I wasn’t prescribing a drill!

so what should i do about the second half of my race?

Increase top speed, improve general fitness, improve speed endurance. Do these things and the second half of your race will be better.

…and relax!

After the initial ‘explosion’ of breath from the blocks (valsalva) I always thought it might be a good idea to breathe with a beat (i.e. in sprinting exhale every time your left or right foot hits the ground) a bit like horses do when galloping.

I liked doing this myself when I ran as it seemed to help concentration and maintain cadence but I have never tried it with any of my runners. An old Runner’s World book carried a chapter about the subject too. Just wondered if anybody else had any thoughts on the subject?

so you would be taking 20-25 breaths per 100m which is high compared to the average 5-10 breaths.just listen to CF and do everything as natural as possible.sprinting is not rocket science and should be kept simple

I agree with X-man. If you really breathed on each left step, you’d be breathing up to 2.5 times a second!

when comin out my blocks do i push my heel down almost to the ground?and when in top speed form do i kick my toes to the sky while they are under my butt?

Charlie, I am happy with your technical advice but using the word ‘really’ seems to cast doubt on whether I tried this method of breathing or not. For the record:
a. I am not talking about great lungfuls of oxygen - more like quick, hot gasps
b. I doubt if I was turning over at 5 strides per second!
So, please, it can be done. I ‘really’ did it. It’s just a question of whether it’s worth doing or not and I am satisfied to follow your advice that it is not.

ontheball,why do something if its totally you breath differently when you walk!!?? sprinting 100m does not need much distribution of O2 as its very short.please please kisten and just keep things will actually start hyperventilating after a while and if for some reason you take up the 2/400 what you gonna do you’ll be gasping by 150m and blow a head gasket

Charlie was talking about in a 100m race not distance running. I’ve never even thought of breathing as a factor, I just breath normally, we were made to run and not asphixiate(sp) ourselves while doing so. If you’re worried about your breathing in a 100m than you’ll get blown away. You take in 95% of the O2 needed in the race before you even start.

What about in a long sprint, like the 400? Oxygen may not be the primary source of energy during a 400, but a steady breathing pattern could help mentally via rhythm and the oxygen wouldn’t hurt in the last stretch.

i ran a 6.77 in my first 55m what kind of 100 does that convert too?

I guess 11.00 to 11.20 depending on the finish

Yes it eill help but the best breathing pattern will mosy likely come very naturally. Most people who have trouble are either in piss poor shape or think about it too much