BFS Program

I just wanted to know what you fellow board members thought of the biggerfasterstronger program? I’ve heard it’s not very good at all?

For high schoolers it is better than some of the other programs out there.
The positives are…

  1. There is a focus on Max Effort (breaking records) which we all know is a good way to increase strength

  2. Free weight multi joint compound movements are being perscribed

  3. The program is structured rather than having the athletes come in screwing around or working only the muscles they can see in the mirror

Would it be a good program to use for a wrestler? I’m running 2-3 times a week also?

How about posting the basic program on here for everyone to look at? Although I know the basics of it I am not too familar with its entirety.
Also what are you doing for running?

In highschool, its the best thing out there. As you move into college you want something a little different. In highschool, few programs compare.

Also remember, you dont want to find the best program, you want to find the best program or methods FOR YOU. There is no “best program”. Its all about the individual. Through experience you need to figure out what works for you. Every individal has their own weaknesses which must be addressed and it would be impossible for a “program” to cater to every single person who is doing the programs weaknesses. Any time I see a cookie cutter program it puts up a red flag. That being said I would also look into the Westside methods which in my opinion are superior to BFS’ “program” and look into Joe Kenn’s Tier System. Joe Kenn has a book out actually which I just ordered the other day after reading a bunch of his stuff online and hearing good things about his methodology from other coaches.

i am unsure if we still do but at one point my high school’s football program used BSF and achived pretty good results in terms of indivduals going to collage. i belive the wrestling team was also pulling from it as part of the offseason S&C. we had two state indivdual champs last year. direct corrilation??? doubtful, but did the program hurt them? also doubtful.

in wrestling i would say a general strength training program such as this would be a good place to start. that being said its all about whats best for you as quick stated. not whats best for most people. but BFS could very well suit your needs.

Kenn’s book is great, not an easy ap though for a high school kid. I really like a lot of concepts behind BFS, namely there motivation. It does get you excited about workingout.
If you do use BFS, maybe do low box squats instead and trade some heavy hads for reps days.

I didn’t like Kenn’s book. It didn’t seem to make much sense to me. I didn’t re-read it because I was like “what is this guy talking about???” I found it difficult to understand.

I agree about the BFS. From what I know of it, it’s not too shabby especially for a youngster. Plus the youngster could likely get support for the BFS program because it seems like alot of HS coaches are somewhat familiar with it.

Thanks for the replies guys. Do you guys feel the husker power program would be a good program to use to get biggerfasterstronger for wrestling. I know it’s obviously for football but i would imagine you could use it for any sport to get bigger,faster,stronger right?

Kenn’s book is pretty good. What didn’t you understand?

I just don’t remember a thing from it. Nothing in the book sparked my interested hence I remember almost nothing about it. I admit that I am guilty of tunnel vision sometimes.

I will admit that if you’re well read, a lot of it will be review. I like the way he rotates the exercises to give a built in heavy, medium, light arrangement to each of the 3 areas (total body, lower body, and upper body) within each workout so that each part gets emphasis on a different day (thus the tier system). Other than that, you can find a lot of the info elsewhere.

Yea, it reminded me alot of the Doc Kreis book that I read about a decade ago. I think it was called Speed Strength Training for Football.


I just planne to order the book (Joe Kenn), and interestingly the interview with him appeared on!

Anyway, I must say that I have learned a lot fron Kenn’s article regarding Tier system at his website. This was first time I have met a movement split! Since reading that article, my knowledge about programming weight training exploded!!! It is a great way to start!
I can’t wait to have my hands on the book!

Anyone read James Smiths Hi-Lo manual? There are some good templates in there!

That’s another thing I would like to purchase, but my list is so long that it will have to wait. I just pre-ordered Practical Programming from This was the number one book on my to have list. Here’s a link if you’re interested.
Practical Programming

I forgot to mention that i would be a college athlete not high school

Seems interesting… let us know how it is when you read it! Thanks

was the Doc Kreis book any good, was planning on ordering it.

Yes I liked it very much! It was recommended to me by Fred Hatfield as a strength training reference back when I was a very novice jumper in high school. In fact, I visited James Madison University when looking at colleges because Doc Kreis was the strength coach there at the time.