basic sprinting technique for a beginner?

To everyone who said I should look at the search function, you have to understand that I don’t know what I’m looking for, I don’t know what basic sprinting technique is.

BASIC SPRINTING TECHNIQUE yields only this thread.

The problem is that every discussion on this site assumes familiarity with basic technique and is an in-depth discussion /analysis of isolated sections of it.

What I need, (along with every other beginner), is a basic run through of things you should do , without explanations, so that I can work from there and build up a base on which to build.

I’m aware of how much unimformed crap there is on the internet and I was hoping that someone, (or some people!), who actually know what they’re talking about could give me some pointers that aren’t superfluous or actively harmful to my technique, (as so much instruction on the internet is).

This would be very useful, (and popular I imagine), with beginners, it would probably merit a sticky.

Thx in advance!

Look I gave you a link to an ebook that will give you the information you want and all you said was anyone else Have you even read the links others gave? Have you watched the videos? I’m guessing not because you haven’t asked any questions that relate directly to them. All you’ve done is whine and ask to be spoon fed.

Get creative with your search, try things like
sprint form
correct sprint form
sprint basics

be a participant in your own rescue. People here will help you but you need to do work as well! :mad:

People have offered advice in terms of arm drive early on, high hips, on the balls of your feet. That should provide some pointers to try searching on. From your use of language you seem intellectual enough to know how to search for some pointers. I also find it difficult to believe that you have no idea what you’re looking for. Watching a single high level sprint race will show enough technical similarities between all eight athletes to demonstrate some basic key points, and from there you can refine your search.

  1. You posted a beginner question in the ADVANCED SPRINT TRAINING forum

  2. It’s quite clear that you have no interest in learning more on the sprints, and learning to communicate that to a beginner by actually coaching and spending enough time with the material so it starts to make sense. Physics is not very complicated, but you have to spend some time with the material. Then, the concepts seem more basic.

  3. There is no 3. Except for you to stop being lazy and judging people on this thread. Most have attempted to be helpful, but find it very peculiar that you feel that you can just pop off questions, criticize the answers your receive, and ignore a majority of the advice you’re being given. Get a clue.

And you keep offending people -yes, me- by posting a reply of yours I’ve already read twice in here. You’ve proven my point, thank you! Later…

I hope I’m just missing some sarcasm in that statement :confused:

Physics is based around a few simple rules. I think the hard part is figuring out how to apply them to a given scenario. I think that was the point. Or maybe I am way off, in which case, I’m praying for sarcasm too, LOL!

Something tells me that physics isn’t based around a few simple rules. That something may be the fact that test averages are routinely in the 40s and 50s amongst bright and hard working (for the most part) students in physics classes I’ve taken… :wink:

I really think it is. I remember doing A-level mechanics in maths, and I managed to get like 96% or something stupidly high, and I’m not that bright. I found that there were some simple theories regarding motion, and the harder part was figuring out when and how to apply them. Maybe that’s where your classmates fell down :wink:

I was making a generalization (and being a touch sarcastic). Point being, if you don’t spend a hell of a lot of time learning the big stuff, you can’t possibly break it down into more manageable chunks. If your starting and ending point is “stay on the ball of the foot”, your athletes are in deep s@#t.

If you are talking about a basic mechanics class or something, then yea- I can see what you’re saying. Physics is definitely not limited to that though and once you get into quantum mechanics, particle physics, etc. then the whole “simple” thing goes out the window.

Got ya. I just saw “physics” and “basic” in the same sentence and I was like :eek:??

could you explain what you mean by ‘high hips’ please?

Also, I saw a slo mo of Asafa powell running on youtube and he looks like he lands his whole foot flat on the ground at once.

So am I misunderstanding ‘run on your toes’?

sry I should have responded, I’m poor, that’s why I disregarded your post, and also, I don’t need a coaches level of knowledge, I just need to be told what to do.

I am still going through the videos, they are fantastic and I’ve already expressed my gratitude.

I just don’t understand why people are soooooo reluctant to help newbies out on this forum, you could at elast have a FAQ sticky on sprint technique.There are virtually no posts or posters in the beginners sections and they zre all questions about specific aspects of sprint technique.

Its not that it’s a reluctance to help, it’s that when people DO offer directions, products, forums, threads, etc for YOU to follow and try and learn a bit on your own without posting in an ADVANCED sprint forum… Well it gets a bit old.

You can easily search the archives, trust me you aren’t the only one who has been told to use the search function. When the same basic question gets asked over and over and the answers are here… Do you understand a little more now?

shouldn’t there be a sticky then?

I’m only posting in this forum becasue the other sprint forums are deserted.

what do you think high hips might mean?

What is the link for that video of Asafa?

he video quality must be poor then, as I can guarantee Asafa is not slapping his whole foot down on the track simultaneously! To give you the sensation of high hips, imagine running with a wire attached to the top of your head and you are being pulled upwards. High hips helps allow triple extension as I understand it. However, I may be wrong there, so I could get corrected. I really think some of the technical sprinting aspects have been broken down into layman’s terms, so you should have enough information to make more specific searches if you need to.

He’s definitely not having heel strike. Just remember it’s balls of your feet, you cant run on toes and even if you could what power will you build up off that?

ok, thanks very much.

How is running on the ball of your foot different to running on your toes?

Do you run with your foot slightly more flat on the ground?