basic sprinting technique for a beginner?

Use the search function. We all had to do it at one point or another. Don’t be afraid of reading.

vedette already gave you basic advice. are you asking for someone to contradict his info?

To everyone who said I should look at the search function, you have to understand that I don’t know what I’m looking for, I don’t know what basic sprinting technique is.

BASIC SPRINTING TECHNIQUE yields only this thread.

The problem is that every discussion on this site assumes familiarity with basic technique and is an in-depth discussion /analysis of isolated sections of it.

What I need, (along with every other beginner), is a basic run through of things you should do , without explanations, so that I can work from there and build up a base on which to build.

I’m aware of how much unimformed crap there is on the internet and I was hoping that someone, (or some people!), who actually know what they’re talking about could give me some pointers that aren’t superfluous or actively harmful to my technique, (as so much instruction on the internet is).

This would be very useful, (and popular I imagine), with beginners, it would probably merit a sticky.

Thx in advance!
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anyone else?

That really wasn’t very helpful, you provided links to products which are way too advanced for my level, and links to forum sections which don’t give a run through of basic technique but instead assume familiarity with basic technique and are in-depth discussions of isolated sections of it.

Please, will someone just give a quick run through of basic sprint technique from start to finish of a race?

I’m not asking, (as I said before), for a treatise, just a quick runthrough, no explanations of each piece of advice needed, just 'run on your toes etc.

I gave you links to FUNDAMENTALS 1 AND 2 products how much more basic would you like?

I gave you a link to NEW TO TRAINING, ASK US, and FUNDAMENTALS section… Sounds pretty basic to me. I just think you’re asking to be spoon fed here, it really doesn’t take a whole lot of time and energy to look around and see that it has been posted probably thousands of times about basic sprint technique…

Relax, aggressive arms down, step over support knee, run on balls of your feet, high hips… How was that?

you dont need NO run through - JUST RUN FAST!!!

If you take a look at the threads in the Fundamentals, Ask As and New to Training sections there are no threads that outline basic sprint technique, instead there are threads on isolated sections of technique.

Relax, aggressive arms down, step over support knee, run on balls of your feet, high hips… How was that?

yeah, something like that, except from start to finish, ie, the technique of:
1)the crouch start
2)How quick to come up

just all the basic, in the style of the last section of your post.

I’m not asking for an article here, or for you to spend an unreasonable amount of typing, just tell me how to run the 100 metres ina anutshell, from start to finish.

PLEASE!!! :wink:

My advice would be to move your leg as fast as possible i.e. left then right then left again. repeat this process until you get to the finish line.

important things to remember:

  1. Before you get into the starting blocks make sure you jump around a lot, and stick out your tongue to intimidate the other sprinters.

  2. never run without a full-body speed suit. You know the one’s with the little hood and everything.

  3. And finally, “Take the banana out your pocket and eat it.” If you remember this saying you can’t go wrong.

LOL :wink:

Anyone else with some slightly more serious advice?

Well played sir, well played!

Could you help me out?

(with a non-comedy post :wink: )

Stop being a bro. Watch all of these.

What do you mean?

Watch all of these

I will thx :wink:

damn those vids are amazing!


I still find it hard to believe that this thread has even got to 3 pages…wow.:confused:


if people weren’t soooooo unhelpful on this forum…

I was about to post the exact same thing! It’s also amazing how some people can’t be bothered to search around for the pleasure of ‘discovering’, if nothing else! Jesus!