Asafa washed up?

Friday, 05 November 2010 Powell spends his down time sprucing up his speed - on his cars - IAAF Online Diaries

World 100m bronze medallist, Asafa Powell, one of history’s fastest men and a Samsung Diamond League Ambassador, continues to prepare for faster moves, not only on the track, but on wheels while on the roads.

“The month of September I was pretty much grounded, because of the flooding in Jamaica.:o (washed up, get it?)
"I was only allowed to go out twice, spoiling most of the out of town flex and beach moves I wanted to make, but I was able to accomplished something been grounded inside my house. I got some time to work on my house and my cars.

“During the month of September, I bought a new turbo kit for one of my five cars, and installed it. Now that I installed a new turbo kit, I am not in position of a faster Mitsubishi Evolution… that was the aim; I am always trying to go faster, even though we don’t have roads to drive fast cars. But we Jamaicans always manage to find someway, somehow to drive fast.

“I also like to hear the sound of load mufflers as most of my cars have that sound.

“People may be wondering, ‘Is Asafa a mechanic?’ The answer is no, but I do all the work by myself. But if there was something I cannot manage, I would always call someone. I am not a mechanic, but I am just a guy who knows how to fix up cars and work on cars… just on my own time.

“Several of my friends would always come to me for help, but most times I don’t have the time to do it, so I would advice them, where to go and what to do and expect.

“If you are wondering about my other four cars, they are Mercedes-Benz and Acura, along with two trucks - Toyota Tundra and Yukon Denali.

“In my next diary, I will talk about my first few weeks at training and my health, so until then, bye."


i take it asafa is a boy racer then! personally i hate the open air filter/muffler set-up and would rather my standard clk kompressor but i honestly think asafa will grow out of it…still an incredible athlete and a good ambassator for the sport

Guess he knows the difference between a real drive compared to the tame version made on a production line. Bigger turbo and new chip equals more horsepower but sometimes the car don’t go faster. The faster you get the air in and out with the addition of more fuel the faster a motor will revv.

I have an evo3 motor pulled apart in my back shed, probably been there for too long now, make a good boat anchor.

pulling apart a motor is easy, any monkey can do that :slight_smile:
Putting it back together, AND use up all the nuts and bolts, have it run Better, smoother and with more power is a different ball game.

Trouble most get into with cars is putting Bigger diameter wheels on… They have a little Jap car, put big dia wheels on to look good and for better handling etc - except the extra rolling weight of the big wheels is too much for the engine - so more power n torque will help bring speed back - but now it can turn corners Faster. Faster corners means better lap times. :slight_smile:
The other thing that is proven, is if you want a faster car - buy one already built that way - forger about custom jobs - far more expensive. Much cheaper to buy one already Fast.

Unless of course, you just like tinkering.

A bit like coaching, do a 2 day course and read a few books, find an athlete already performing and hey presto, tinkering. :slight_smile:

All jokes aside a mates son used to import rear cuts and use the parts to build Evo’s well before they were imported into Australia. When the Evo’s started to be imported he stopped and I was given a part built motor to go in my 1989 Pulsar used for hillclimbs. I did all the work on the Pulsar myself, the ex-standard motor is non turboed and goes a bit stronger than the best factory one ever did, it fries tyres in 3 gears. Only problem is finding the time to drive it now days and yes it is past the stage of being able to be road registered.

I find it interesting that Asapha has works on his own car, shows he is a kid at heart. Any mug can acquire something already done.

Shows the man has some brains too.
He wont be left hanging out on the circuit well past his use by date - he’ll have other interests he is already capable of doing.

Shows the man has some brains too.
He wont be left hanging out on the circuit well past his use by date - he’ll have other interests he is already capable of doing.

Those Jamaicans are crazy drivers. The Evo must be the car. I was in Negril and bought a watch and some other stuff from the duty free. The guy who owned it was of Indian descent and also owned an Evo. He was super cool and gave me and my wife a ride back to the resort. You know you are in trouble when the seat has a 5 point harness. He had big ole Brembo brakes, shortened shifter, titanium pedals. needless to say, we got to the resort mighty quick. He said if the cops pull him over, he gives them bottles of cologne to get out of tickets. Apparently the police in Jamaica like to smell nice. Hopefully Asafa drives safely, as 90% of the island doesn’t.

You can save a good deal of money by doing the work yourself. I just put on 2 new axles on my car and saved about 1200 in labor. My mothers car the dealer wanted 2800 to replace ignition coils but I did it myself and saved her about 2000 bucks in labor.

When in comes to race cars it’s even more expensive. It’s best to learn how to do it yourself because something ALWAYS breaks on race cars.

Double post.

Working on cars is SOOOOO therapeutic (well for me). It’s the pinnacle of being a MAN; building, fixing and improving.

I thought you may have given up on us. The link is not Asaphas Rex its just my therapy, no: 40.

asafa is a ricer

lol, no way, I’m still here.

Awesome! So car 40 is yours? What kind of suspension work did you do to it? Let me guess, Koni shocks and EBC breaks.:cool:

As far as the other cars, I recognize most of them. I like the Supras (if they are Turbo).

Oh man, I will never forget one day I was around Beach boulevard (famous cruse strip in California) and my god, I had one hell of a race with me in my 5.0 Mustang vs a guy and his girlfriend in a white Supra.

The RX7 is a bad a$$ too! Raced one of them on the freeway which was a bad idea because they can rev so high and keep going.

I own none of these cars but this will give you an idea if what I’m into.

Ha, these kind of cars are ALL OVER California. It’s mainly Mexicans (girls and boys) that really trick them out like that. Most of them are all looks, but a FEW of them can really go if they swapped a B16 engine or something in them

My thing is, these ricers really messed up street racing for eveyrbody and that’s why I (or old muscle car racers) don’t like them.

Street racing was a underground sport that went back into the 1940’s or so. They use to race back then out in Palmdale, Ca with Flathead Ford Engines and such. It was a family thing! Hell, my dad use to race muscle cars in the 60’s here in the East coast and many famous professional race car drivers started out in the streets.

I use to go every weekend in high school, and some time I took my old lady to watch just like how my dad use to take my mom to watch back in the day. Wow, guys would bring 9 second cars just to race on the street!! And we would douse Trackbite on the tires just like we were at the track! ha ha…

Anyhow, when that crap move Fast And The Furious came out, all these wannabe racers started showing up to the races with their 1994 Honda accords and things started to get out of hand. Also, these wannabe racers would also race in the middle of the daytime on busy streets to show off, and unfortunately they started getting into accidents and killing people.

So, to make a long story short, the Government started cracking down HARD state wide. So for example, in California (the mecca of street racing), when it use to be that the cops left you alone, or just showed up to break up the races and sent you on your way, now they block off the whole street and start issuing tickets and taking cars.

And when I say they take your car, they take it and they send it to the junk yard to be destroyed.

Also, I know in places like California, it’s now illegal to cruse like people use to do going way back into the 1950’s. It’s really sad man, a whole sub culture, and a positive outlet for young men and women is now lost.

On a side note, you can still race sport bikes because nobody can catch them if you know what I mean. The thing is, they are so dangerous. My best friend was killed on one about 3 years ago.

^^ wow that was a lot… Sorry, I couldn’t help it.

Found some heavy duty springs in the back yard and cut them with a 4" grinder, it works. It came with the turbo brakes, didn’t upgrade as you don’t use the breaks on hillclimb just the gears, scary at first

I wacked a couple of pics here,

In the 1970’s 9 kids were killed at Warren in a Valiant Pacer, I was mates with all of them, the govt here stopped the manafacturers from making supercars. My mum (a pedestrian) was run over and killed at Bathurst (an elderly lady was the driver).

Your right a culture has been lost, if only we could get them on the track.

Did I hear the copper say they were stolen cars, steal another one next week and do the same thing.

Sorry I have hyjacked a thread. Kitkat keep up the good work.

Wow! That is very unfortunate.

You learn to cope, the point driven home to me is that bad driving knows no barriers.

The RX7 was being built as a race car for the KTF Academy ““the one that was too professional””.

Behind and to the right of the RX7 is a dirt race track, it is in my back yard (5 acres). My boys and their mates learnt to handle a car on that track, I hate dust so when it rained they were free to have fun, always in the same direction.


  1. if you get taken out stay in car.
  2. no one was allowed to stand near the track
  3. stand beside the shed until your turn
  4. Look after each other.

3 or 4 cars at a time in the wet on a track just wide enough to pass on, with 30m straights, they had a ball. I think it is called drift racing now days.

The good part is not one of those kids have been seriously hurt in a car accident and their ages now range between 25yrs and 30yrs. My boys can out drive me but I keep reminding them they learnt to drive looking over my shoulder (on the back seat).

I know my kids were in my yard driving cars they brought themselves not on the street in stolen cars.

I will put up some pics of a cleanup of some of the wrecks on the same page.

Anyone started a thread on members cars?