Asafa 'on the double watch'

Powell ‘on the double watch’ at trials
Published on: 25th June, 2009…132 views

Powell ‘on the double watch’ at trials

KINGSTON, Jamaica Former world 100-metre record holder, Asafa Powell, says he will “have to be on the double watch” and expect no favours at this weekend’s Jamaican National Championships.

With the likes of Olympic triple gold medalist Usain Bolt, Yohan Blake, the national junior record holder, Marvin Anderson, Michael Frater and Steve Mullings eager to wear the national colours in Berlin later this summer, Powell said he will have come out ready to compete

“There are a lot of guys out there to put pressure on me and Usain, so I just have to look (out),” said Powell in an interview after his final training session on Wednesday morning at the National Stadium east complex.

"Michael always comes with surprise at the trials, and Steve Mullings is running well, so I just have to be on the double watch, he added.

With Bolt favoured to run away with the men’s 100m, following his 9.77second wind-aided showing earlier this month, all eyes are firmly positioned on Powell.

In spite of this, however, the Olympic relay gold medallist said he is under no pressure, even though he is not 100 per cent fit.

“I am not under any pressure," the former national champion said. "For the past five years I have been injured at the trials and still able to make the team, so I don’t see why this year is different”.

"I’m just going out there to qualify,” he explained.

Powell added that he does not intend to have a showdown with Bolt, who holds world records, 9.69 (100m) and 19.30 (200m).

“I’m not in any rivalry … I mean Usain (Bolt) is in good shape (while) I’m just coming back from injury so I’m just going out there to qualify for the World Champs,” he said.

“…just trying to get myself ready for the World Champs because I know I can be on top there," said Powell.

He is right. He needs to run just fast enough to qualify however I could not help myself but to recall a scene from Rocky I [movie] when Rocky came back home after visiting an empty stadium (a night before the fight) and told his girlfriend/wife that he could not beat Apollo. I hope he puts up a helluva fight in Berlin though, just as Rocky did when he realised that anyone can be beaten :slight_smile:

As a spectator I do not want to hear preemptive justifications on an athlete’s fitness/condition - hell I want to see gladiators :slight_smile:

Asafa and Rocky…now that’s a paradox.

Are the heats today? and semis/finals tomoro.
also anywhere to find live results for this?

Try dis 'mon

Any body know where to watch it live. I did last year but I forgot the site.

The live results link isnt working

Welcome to Jamaica athletics.

Won his heat in 10.36.

asafa? anywhere to find the complete results?

Mens 100m heats

Heat 1 Preliminaries Wind: -1.6
1 Bolt, Usain 22 Racers Track Club 9.69 10.14Q
2 Barnes, Winston 20 University OF TE 10.16 10.34Q
3 Clarke, Lerone 27 Lincoln University 10.22 10.37q
4 Ashmeade, Nickel 19 St. Jago High 10.21 10.45q
5 Douglas, Omar 25 Unattached 10.54 10.61
6 Harvey, Jacques 20 University OF TE 10.54 10.62
7 Stewart, Edward 25 G.C.Foster College 10.79 10.77
– Campbell, Raymond 23 Unattached 10.41 FS

Heat 2 Preliminaries Wind: -1.5
1 Powell, Asafa 26 Mvp Track Club 9.72 10.36Q
2 Bruce, Kimour 22 Unattached 10.22 10.38Q
3 Roach, Kimmare 25 Unattached 10.19 10.47
4 Campbell, Clement 33 Unattached 10.36 10.52
5 Grey, Ravel 21 University OF TE 10.43 10.69
6 Lee, Keneil 20 University OF TE 10.53 10.71
7 King, Micheal 26 Unattached 10.54 10.78
8 Hines, Harlando 20 Unattached 10.60 10.79

Heat 3 Preliminaries Wind: -0.4
1 Frater, Micheal 26 Mvp Track Club 9.97 10.26Q
2 Forsythe, Mario 23 Racers Track Club 10.24 10.41Q
3 Wellington, Andre 22 University OF TE 10.37 10.44q
4 Dwyer, Rasheed 20 G.C.Foster College 10.36 10.50
5 Saunders, Jesse 23 University OF TE 10.43 10.62
6 Hamilton, Jermaine 24 Unattached 10.55 10.64
7 Quarrie, Floyd 23 Unattached 11.17
8 Powell, Omar 28 Unattached 10.52 11.89

Heat 4 Preliminaries Wind: -1.3
1 Blake, Yohan 19 Racers Track Club 10.07 10.16Q
2 Waugh, Ainsley 27 Unattached 10.16 10.43Q
3 Marr, Khan 26 University OF TE 10.44 10.56
4 Leslie, Shavel 19 Unattached 10.56 10.65
5 Wright, Ryan 24 G.C.Foster College 10.50 10.67
6 Young, Angelo 20 Unattached 10.58 11.47
7 Burnett, Junior 27 Unattached 10.36 11.53
– Hyman, Kemar 19 Cayman Islands 10.26 DNS

Heat 5 Preliminaries Wind: +0.0
1 Anderson, Marvin 27 Racers Track Club 10.11 10.24Q
2 Magarwe, Simon 24 Unattached 10.27 10.54Q
3 Dunn, David 20 Unattached 10.56 10.61
4 Morgan, Orlando 25 Unattached 10.44 10.62
– Thomas, Dwight 28 University OF FL 10.15 DNS
– Gayle, Jermaine 17 Unattached 10.49 DNS
– Cuffy, Tyrell 20 Cayman Islands 10.33 DNS
– Mitchell, Sheldon 18 Unattached 10.57 DNS

Heat 6 Preliminaries Wind: 0.6
1 Mullings, Steve 26 Unattached 10.12 10.20Q
2 Fisher, Kwayne 23 Lincoln University 10.15 10.33Q
3 Bailey, Oshane 19 Calabar High School 10.31 10.34q
4 Brown, Richardo 23 Unattached 10.57 10.49
5 Robinson, Marlon 24 Unattached 10.46 10.67
6 Clarke, Davian 22 Atlethico Union 10.48 10.82
7 Watson, Nicholas 19 Unattached 10.56 10.86
8 McFARLANE, Conrad 23 University OF TE 10.44 10.93

im guessing on bolt, powell and blake tomoro

What happened to Nesta Carter?

Nesta pulled out with an injured hamstring.

Powell wins the semi in 10.04. Apparently his ankle is heavily taped. I hope he’s got one more race in him today.

when is the final?

are there possibilities to see in streaming the final?

In a bit over an hour I believe.