Anyone remembers this?

It brought tears in my eyes when I saw this for the first time:

remember it well…but i remember mark witherspoon also in the prelims at the same games. very sad

I remember feeling very sorry for him as well. He was another 6’5’’ sprinter…

I think I cried:(

Thats real courage right there…didnt want a DNF next to his name.

what did happen to mark?

mark totally ruptured his achilles and really never got back into the 92 shape although he tried up till around 2002. im still in contact with him and a great guy

Yes, he went on and finished! True olympic spirit in my opinon.

Same thing happned to John Smith in the 400.

I dont remember this but really appreciate you sharing this moment with me and with the forum

I met Charlie in 1988, married him in 1989 and all I really wanted to do was run and have him coach me. At that moment he wanted nothing to do with coaching and I felt lost. He was writing Speed Trap and I had quit school because reporters hounded me around campus and I wasnt strong enough to ignore the crap.

It was all about winning for me and I failed to learn the lesson that part of it in life is just to be there.

I imagine Mark is a guy who takes what comes his way in life and turns it into gold.

What did I read today?
life hands you lemons you make lemonade?
I try to do this all the time now.
Might as well or life can be pretty bitter.

Ms. Coon, that was one of the questions that I was never able to ask: How on earth did Charlie handle the pressure during 1988 and after?

But it seems like I got the answer, in that, you just make best of the situation.

It’s really my pleasure to post here to get this kind of replys.

Thanks for your reply. It really made me thinking about what really is important. As you said, it’s really important to be there and give everything you can.

that was powerful, i can totally identify with the man, i really did just cry. Thats some powerful stuff and its sad to see a life time of struggle go up in flames right at the moment of truth. Knowing its all over. Verry tragic.