Sprinting technique

Hey people of charliefrancis.com this has always been in my top 3 sites to get sprinting information from. I wish we had more post about sprinting as the site has been a little dead lately. If you have anything to share about sprinting I would love to hear any thoughts about technique/mechanics.

Do a search here and for content prior to, I believe around March of this year, enter into a general search (google etc.) a topic/subject along with cf.com, charlie francis or similar and you should be able to find a lot of information that has been previously covered.

It’s off season too - always dead around this time of year

It’ll pick up in a couple months once indoors starts. Come spring things should really start firing, I love Olympic years.

Okay thanks guys…I forgot what time of year it is. I just want information as my indoor season is going to start soon. Preparation is the key :slight_smile:

Great info from the google search. I learned a lot about stepping over and hip height.

Tall posture, pump arms, and step down=High hips=Fast Sprinting