Indoor Comp Period

Is it ok to do longer sprints (80-150m) indoors if your racing over 60 meters?

depends mostly on your periodization type long to short vs short to long and how well you tolerate 200m indoor curves, If you have access to a 400m, not an issue

S2L. I train outdoors so indoor curves are not an issue.

shot to long no indoor 80-120m at all, only repeated submax 60m. 120-150m might be possible with submax intensity, but that would not be a classical case of L to S.

Nothing wrong with using such distances every now and then to ‘open up’ the stride or avoid a ‘plateau’. It also depends on the outdoor season and the time available then for the important races. Just keep it sub-maximum.

I mention this in a earlier thread - I think this is the way to go inseason ( one session of starts - one session of starts and 1-3x150 submax). The Ncaa athlete may have 1 week between indoor and outdoor season and by introducing some longer sprint work earlier in the season helps the transition to outdoors and allow the athlete to run faster sooner. Charlie did 60’s because that’s what he had access to - I’m sure if he had Jam weather things would have been different.

Final thoughts - the athlete is getting their short speed work every weekend from the races - the starts and 150’s will help keep the athlete fresh and prepare them for outdoors.

My training: Blocks 1 and 2 accel. Block 3 - Max V. - Block 4 accel-max v-SSE (70-80). Block 5: starts and submax 150’s