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Sherone Simpson

This is a fantastic shot. As good, if not better than, some sprinters! :cool:

I was thinking that too. Amazing acceleration mechanics for an 800m guy.

He has good mechanics because he is a sprinter! 400m pb 45.50. Bet he could go faster too! Anybody know anything about his training?

I received the following message from James Templeton, agent/manager for David Rudisha and most of Brother Colm O’Connell’s athletes over the last decade. This note refers to David’s 45.50 in Sydney in late February 2010 and the 1:43.1 in Melbourne a few days later in early March this year:

"It went pretty well mate!! Jesus he looked good; passing 400 in 50-low (Sammy 50.00) looking like he was running a 15km road race!!! I’m pretty excited about the summer…to now he’s just been doing base training – steady runs, fartleks, strides and a couple of time trials. A track session last week was 2 x 400 in 57, 3 x 300 in 41 and 3-4 x 200 in 25. So it’s nothing specific as yet; the 45.5 and the 1:43.1 are just on good solid fitness and natural talent…

It’s hard to imagine him not putting a real challenge on that 1:41.11 in the summer. Maurie thinks he’ll challenge the 1:40 barrier. Now that would be something…


These are words of coach who knows what he’s doing and knows his athlete. :cool:

That’s an impressive shot. He has such great postural lines.

Running that Fast off that Base training is rattling my head…
I could imagine a decent 200m time, but a 45.5 400m is La+ Hell with poor specific speed training leading into it.
Perhaps the guys muscles don’t create H+ ions??

Some great shots and posts, Kitkat, thanks! :cool:

Thank you for the analyse. Very useful

Australia’s 200m & 400m champion for 2010, Jodie Henry