26 weeks to glory!- warning long post..but opinions wanted!!

Hi guys,

I am training and eating well and have been getting faster over the last couple of months following the principles here…with one glaring exception…


I am training well atm and through reading this site have implemented:

  1. nutrition program (JB/nightmare) to cut down body fat from 12%-6% and bodyweight from 74 to 69(hopefully just fat),

  2. regular massage

  3. speed work 2-3/wk including
    i) accel/sled over 30m,
    ii) flying 20s/ins and outs
    iii) 120m speed en runs

  4. tempo 2-3 times a week generally the last 6 weeks volume over 5000m.

its all going ok.

  1. weights are haphazard atm,
    everyday- upperbody accumulation weights (help loose fat)
    strength- always do bench, last three weeks have done cleans/squats inconsistantly once per week at best.

  2. med ball- probably around 1200 per week.

I am 28, have run for years off and on not really achieving anything great. Have run 10.82 22.16. Had a few big injuries like osteitis pubis and an operation to remove a tumor in 2000.

Have got out the calender and this is the meet I want to peak for:

Aussie Champs 26-29th of February 2004.

I have 27 weeks. I am currently in a rest week and am competing on Sunday. After that I am heading full steam ahead for Nationals.

I am pretty fit right now from the last few months so I have a couple of questions…

My idea to get there is this:

GPP- 5 weeks

4 weeks of-

Speed 3xweek- volume- 1200m/wk constant volume @95%-100%
Day one- 30m sled/60m runs (accel over30m-30 maintain)
Day two- 120m runs
Day three- flying 20s

Tempo 3xweek-5000m/wk

weights- 3xwk after speed
four weeks accumulation weights
Day one- 4x5 squats, cleans, bench, reverse hypers
Day two- 4x5 squats, revese leg press, bench, reverse hypers
day three- 4x5 squats, cleans, bent over rows

one week rest


12weeks made up of- 2 wk accum, 3-1-3 strength, 3 weeks maintenance

2xwk accum- build vol of weights and speed to desired levels

speed 3xwk volume approx-1500m at 95-100% depending on how I feel
day one- 30-60m blocks
day 2- flying 20ms 60-120m (lower vol during strength weeks)
day three- accels over 30 then 2x100m split runs.

weights- similiar to GPP, but more rest between sets.

maintenance weeks as outlined by other members (great thread guys!)

1 rest week

7 weeks competition (probably need at least 6 races to get it all right as havent competed since 2000).

1 week peak into nationals

My questions are this:

  1. Do I need a GPP with my training over the last few months?; or
  2. is the comp phase too long?
  3. Do I need more GPP or a different GPP weights program?
  4. Am I doing too many sprints in the GPP phase and should they be substituted for something else?
  5. should my whole GPP just be tacked on as another few weeks for the SPP phase?
  6. can I run 10.3 after this program? :smiley:
  7. should I include special endurance during the SPP maintenance phase?
  8. do you feel like reading this just wasted valuable minutes of your life?

thanks guys! :cool:

  1. I would say no considering you have been training all along. If you were doing another sport I might say yes, but because you have been doing specific training, it might not be necessary. Instead, you might be able to go SPP, then a Pre-Comp. phase, and then your Comp. phase.

  2. I would say that it is alright. You might be able to shorten it to one meso by adding another meso to Pre-Comp. and taking away from the Comp. phase.

  3. I would say your GPP weights are fine. They are accumulation style which is basically what you need for GPP. I am assuming you are doing Max Strength during SPP and maintenance during Comp. You might be able to do hypertrophy for a meso b4 turning to Max Strenght and maintenance weights.

  4. If you can handle speed work 2x and speed end. 1x a week and still run quality workouts, then by all means go for it. Everyone is different and if you can handle it, then go for it. However, GPP is supposed to be a general prep phase where there is less specificty involved, so hills, grass sprints, bleachers, and things of that nature can and should be used during this time.

  5. No. You should keep the SPP and start a 2-meso (8-week) Pre-Comp. phase instead. You are already training so why waste your time with an unspecific GPP after specific work prior to it?

  6. Maybe. That is a big jump. It depends on how well your body adapts and reacts to the program.

  7. Special Endurance should probably be included in all phases after GPP at some point or another. Where you incorporate it is up to you.

  8. No. I think it just gave me an opportunity to test my knowledge and see how I could apply what I know to a given situation.

Remember that just because you have a plan set out doesn’t mean you have to stick to it. Your plan should be a general guideline/template for you to follow, but you should always leave room for changes and improvements.

Ex: I had the 1st 12 weeks of my training set out in ink ready for me to perform and then I decided to play football and now I have to re-set everything up again. Things like that, though that is drastic and isn’t going to happen in your case, should be considered. It actually worked out best for me, but that’s another story. Either way, just be smart and don’t follow your plan religiously just because you wrote it down. The best plans are the ones that aren’t followed to a T.

Hope I helped.

your opinion is much appreciated!

I know my GPP isnt a traditional one, the main reason I wanted to go back there was to do some accummulation weights, and because I thought that I needed something else in there for 26 weeks besides SPP.

Would another few weeks of strength now be better especially since I havent been as diligent as necessary over the last few weeks?

Is your “meso” a two week block of training?

I have been handling three speed sessions per week fine when I do all my tempo sessions, eat well, get massage and run 95% when encountering problems. Up until a few weeks ago I was just trying to go nuts at each speed session and wasnt seeing much improvement. I took a step back, read a few more posts from CF and suddenly I could manage three sessions per week! I always adjust depending on how I feel though.

What is a pre comp phase and how does it differ from a maintenance phase in the SPP???

Thanks again, please people here give me a hand… I need it! :cool:

I don’t know about adding another strength meso or not. You’d have to get another opinion on that one. I’d say no because that seems like a bit much.

My meso is a 3-1 cycle, or a 4-week block.

A pre-comp. phase, in my eyes, is like an extended SPP, except a bit more specific. It is like a competition phase without the peak. I look at the Pre-Comp. phase as the phase that you include all your dummy meets in and your comp. phase as your peak phase. That’s how I look at it. So, it differs as it is the phase after maintenance when you are preparing to peak. Actually, that’s kind of the same. It’s late here and I’m tired. Give me a break :cool:

Seeing as how my posts are now getting sloppy, I’m going to end this and we can talk again tomorrow. Let me go before I start misspelling my own name out of sheer exhaustion.

To be continued…

Hi Aussie Brad

Would you also consider some hill work in the GPP phase?

Would you post a guide as to your weights program - acculamation weights please?

Oh yeh - and Happy Birthday!!

No I dont really see any need to do hill work unless I forget my sled to do 30m sprints.

The weights program is just a simple 3 or 4 sets of 4-6 reps on the main exercises as outlined around the place.

Hopefully I will be performing the magic on the track!

The accumulation weights are listed above.


Just a few comments. I don’t think you need to go back and do another GPP phase unless you take some time off, like a week or two. If you do take a regeneration break, make the accumulation phase about equal in length to the break. The purpose of the accumulation phase is to reaccumulate general fitness lost during a layoff. Once you’ve got it in place, you can maintain it.

In the GPP (if you need one) drop the flying 20s and the 120s. Concentrate more on explosive med ball throws and plyos to make up for the lower speed volume (assuming you need a GPP at all). As the speed volume comes up as you transition into the SPP, the med ball and plyos will come down.

I might rethink the number of leg exercises you’re doing. Obviously you know what you can handle better than I do, but if you’re putting in that kind of work on the track, I don’t think you need all of those lifts. Don’t worry about leaving something out. The lifts are just there to supplement the stimulus on the track.

In your SPP I wouldn’t combine flying 20s and 60s with special endurance. One of the purposes of incorporating special endurance into the program is to slightly lower the intesnity of the speed work. Flying 20s and 60s are too high intensity. Leave them for a separate day. I would drop the split runs, unless you wanted to incorporate them into you special endurance. Basically, separate your shorter max velocity work from your special endurance work, which will allow for better adaptation and recovery.

I would like to know more about your competition calender of the next few months. I know your spring and summer season are coming up. What is the distribution of available races over that time? Rather than train for 16 weeks and then compete over 8 weeks, I would try to reduce the training block to 10-12 weeks (since you probably don’t need much of a GPP/accumulation phase), compete for 4-5 weeks, then take a week break, train another 3-5 weeks (with the first week for reaccumulation) and compete for 4-5 weeks leading up to nationals. This way you avoid exhaustion from an overly extended max loading block as well as having to peak over too long a period. Are there enough comps available for this approach?


thanks mate, I have had a think about it and drafted a plan in line with what you recommend. I think you are right about the GPP, while I could obviously benefit from more GPP as I am not anywhere near 10.2 with 26 weeks to go your approach makes alot of sense.

There are more tehn enough comps throughout the summer period to accomidate your type of plan around Brisbane.

With that in mind here is a rethink…I am not sure how to set this out…

September strength: speed
wk1 reaccumulate 1200m
wk2-4 strength 1300m
wk1 unload 1400m
wk2-4 strength 1400m
wk1-2- maintain 1500m
wk3- race/main 1400m
wk4- Race/main 1300m
wk1-2 race/main 1200m
wk3-race/main 1100m
wk4- rest
wk1- reaccumulate 1000m
wk2- str 1200m
wk3-str 1300m
wk4-main/race (jupiters gift) 1400m
wk1- race/main 1300m
wk2- race/main 1150m
wk3-race/main 1000m
wk4- nationals peak

tempo generally over 5000m three session per week and med ball/circuits
1x 300m ie long session
1x medium session ie 200m

  1. short session ie 100m

In september-
Day one- flying 20s
day 2- 120m at 95%
day 3- 30m sled 60m runs (accel to 30 maint to 30)

day 1- fly 20s with more run in and ins and outs
day 2- 60-80-120-80-60 type stuff (if tired do 20m run in and maintain speed)
day 3- 30m accels and block work and 60s as above but accel to 40

day 1- flys/ins and outs
day 2- special endurance split runs and 200-300 reps as fitness progresses
day 3- 30-60m block work

Dec- racing
day 1 30-60m block work
day 2- 60m-120m runs at 95%
day 3- race

Jan- similiar to Nov
Feb- similiar to Dec

weights- cut down exercises to 2+1 type stuff reps 3-6 and 3-4 sets.

How does this look???

thanks guys! :smiley:

The only change I would make is to drop the 60s from your speed endurance days in Oct and Dec. Just go long those days, and leave the 60s to the shorter sprint days.

I Agree with Flash.

when I am in a race phase should i omit the flying 20s and do some longer work like split runs (ie to go for intensification into racing)


do you keep your special endurance in races and keep doing speed endurance???

hmm not sure on this any ideas people?

I would drop the flying 20s and split runs during competition. During the comp phase, your intensification will come from the races themselves. Don’t kill youself in training between meets. Same for the split runs. Let your races maintain your speed endurance. Remember, in the comp phase, the races become your main training component leading up to a peak.

Anyone feel free to contradict me here, I’m open to suggestions.

I understand what you are saying, Flash, but can’t you still do like 1 MaxV day a week with a meet and have that be your 2 hard days during the week?

Monday - Ext. Tempo
Tuesday - MaxV
Wednesday - Ext. Tempo
Thursday - Pre-Meet
Friday - Off or just warm up
Saturday - Meet

Couldn’t you do that if you wanted to save energy for the meet?

Also, what if you are training through the meet? I have 1-2 meets during my competition period that I’m training through because they are just dummy meets before my big meets, so can you still do 2 hard days and 1 meet with 3 easy days during the week and still be okay?

Sure. A lot of this depends on how closely the meets are spaced. Regarding max vel training, I think the flying 20s would be too much for between meets. In fact, I would probably limit speeds to 95% for training between meets.

For example, for myself, when my Pre-Comp. phase starts, my meets are about 2-3 weeks apart. Wouldn’t I be able to get away with doing maxV once a week if I’m training through the meets? Even during the week of the meets?

Definitely. I was thinking more along the lines of a comp schedule where you’re competing every 5-7 days in clusters of meets.

I agree. I just use tempo and maybe one SE2 day during the comp./peak phase to get prepared for the rapid-fire, long meets. How bout you?

Honestly, I haven’t competed since high school. I wish I knew then what I know now. I might jump back into competition this coming year if I have the time.