I would structure it to run the 100m july30 and the 200 on Aug 6th. I think that should work out well. (I’d double in the meet before that if possible)

Charlie, my last race was on June 7th its been a while since I have had a race, I feel very fast right now and my general fitness levels are good but I don’t feel race sharp. I tend to race my best when I am racing every week, I compete in the 100/200 on July 16 then take a week off and compete again July 30. Since the 100m is a final only race does that change your thoughts on competing in the 100/200 on July 30?

Not really as you have the option to work as SE up to that point. Of course you always have the option to run both if the conditions are particularly good and you don’t want to miss the opportunity for a fast time.

Below you can see the training outline:

Hello Charlie, last Thursday I ran a PB in the 100m and also a shitty 400m run. I had a race today and my body still doesn’t feel recovered, my lower body felt heavy an tight and I didn’t feel myself at all; to make things worst I had to warm-up for 2hrs because the meet was behind schedule etc. For training this week I didn’t do much, Mon: 3x30+1x80, Tue: bike tempo, Wed: 3x30, Thur: Rest, Fri: 2x20.

Take more rest the next 5 days.

Am I missing something? Where did a 400 come from?

I was an idiot and decided to race in the 400m with my friend, BADDD decision.

Yesterday I had a finals only 100m race and for some reason I am sore today in my hips/gluts/hamstring region even after running a slow 100m time. The past week in my static stretching routine I notice I was tighter then normal and it showed yesterday my legs didn’t feel normal at all.

My plan is to compete in the 100m on Thursday night, perform the 10 day taper program starting on Saturday for my final outdoor meet Aug 11.

Yes you were! Anyway, what’s done is done so now you need to work on lower intensity training to get your nervous system back together. You should do hot/cold showers twice a day as intensively as you can tolerate. That should help- look in the archives for the protocol if you don’t remember and if your tap water isn’t cold enough you may need to use ice.

Ouch, hot/cold showers are so painful. I expected my CNS was torch but I thought 9-10 days would have been enough time. Do you recommend for me to do starts and weights on Monday or tempo Mon-Wed?

Lay out what you have in mind for the remaining time for suggestions.

db rows

Tue: Rest

Wed: Easy warmup

Thur: Finals only 100m

Fri: Rest

Sat: 10 Day Taper
80-100-120-150 (10m flying start)

Sun-Mon: Rest

1x150 95%
bs 2x1

Wed: Rest

1x80 95%

8x100 tempo

Sat-Sun: Rest

Easy warmup

Tue: 100m

Once again thanks for all the help!

do an easy WU mon and switch the first Mon session to Tues.
for the Sat stimulus workout, I’d drop the 100 because of the meet so close before, so 80, 120, 150. Otherwise looks ok IMO.
Anyone else want to take a stab?

Would you keep the easy Warm-up on Wed or take a rest day?

I would warm up. Normally you could do either but after the 400 I think it might hasten recovery.

Have you ever heard of an athlete having sore hips? My hips were sore for 3 days post the 400m race and now they are sore again, my body feels like I ran a PB in back 2 back weeks.

Charlie if I decide to run the 100 and 200m Thursday night would you still recommend the 80-120-150 workout?

No, then only the 150

Thanks… My legs are slowly starting to feel better but I am not expecting anything big until August 11th. I ended up taking Sun-Mon: Off and did a easy tempo session this morning on grass follow by easy power cleans and bench press.

Hey Charlie, had the meet last night overall things went ok. I ran my fastest 200m time of the year and I haven’t gone over 150 in training and haven’t had a 200m race in over 11 weeks. My body feels good this morning and should be ready to cont training this Saturday. I know this has been covered a ton the past couple months, but what’s your thoughts on a contrast speed session for this last meet. I understand the risk involved but it may be worth the risk for the last meet of the year.

10 days out: Sat:
2x30 resis
2x30 os

Sun-Mon: rest


Wed: rest



Sat-Sun: rest


Tue: 100/200