200m straight sprint technique

can anyone comment on my technique from this picture? this was from my 200m race on sunday. my first of the season ! :slight_smile:

essex 200m.jpg

I’m not experienced enough to look at a pic and make a suggestion. A video would be better for me. I will say this, if you’re still a novice, I would worry more about diet, your training, and weight room work, because once that’s in order your technique should fall into place after a few years of solid training.

Looks ok from that angle.

a video would be much easier.

you are bringing your knee towards the centre, front on you should not be able to see the side of the leg.

from what i can see your at approx 150m and the photo looks pretty good. i can easily say that you should do this or that but basically it looks good period! daniel effiong ran like a donkey…did he care NO still he ran 9.99.


a google search, daniel effiong 3rd, lane 3. Didn’t look like a donkey for mine.

I was not meaning to be too critical, if you are 50m short of 200m and the only thing I could pick on is the crossover I will suggest you look pretty good.

check him out in stuttgart 93 and youl understand