2009 US Champs LIVE

Women’s 100m prelims live right now!

Live tv stream:


Low quality backstretch view:

I hope they keep this up all weekend. Big tailwind (3+ mps) just like last year.

Gay 9.75 (+3.4)

I hope Gay leaves now while he’s in one piece- after a long time away from the event he is at risk and should not be tempted to hang around hoping for a legal run. There’s time for that later.

agreed. really doubt he’s gonna stick around anyway

I hope you’re right but count on the fact that every swinging dick with a motive is after him to run more with all kinds of “advice”, ranging from shoe sponsor to federation to TV broadcasters.
I can hear it all now: “Just think what you’ll run next time when you put everything into it!”
I hope he has the sense to leave. If he has a coach there, I think he will be advised to leave but it seems like his coaching situation is very unclear.
Gay went for therapy to a well known guy about a month ago and was asked about his coach and he said he didn’t have one!

Tyson Gay 9.75Q 3.4
Darvis Patton 9.92Q 3
Michael Rodgers 9.92Q 3.7
Travis Padgett 9.93Q 4.3
Shawn Crawford 10.06Q 2.9
Monz Edwards 9.98Q 3.4
Ivory Williams 9.98Q 3.7
Trindon Holliday 9.98Q 4.3
Walter Dix 10.07Q 2.9
Mark Jelks 10.10Q 3
Leroy Dixon 10.00q 3.4
Marcus Brunson 10.06q 4.3
Rodney Martin 10.09q 2.9
Trell Kimmons 10.10q 3
Ahmad Rashad 10.13q 3.7
Bernard Williams 10.14q 3.4

Carmelita Jeter 10.88Q 3.1
Alexandria Anderson 10.92Q 3.2
Muna Lee 11.01Q 3.3
Lauryn Williams 11.06Q 3.3
Marshevet Hooker 10.94Q 3.1
Shalonda Solomon 11.01Q 3.2
Allyson Felix 11.10Q 3.3
Jessica Young 11.10Q 3.3
Gloria Asumnu 11.08Q 3.2
Bianca Knight 11.18Q 3.3
Mechelle Lewis 11.25Q 3.3
Tiffany Townsend 11.32Q 3.1
Torri Edwards 11.15q 3.2
Rachelle Boone-Smith 11.25q 3.3
Tianna Madison 11.26q 3.3
LaKya Brookins 11.27q 3.3

lol, so there was the dude who went to prison, then drummond, and now he’s on his own? Does he know thatt much about sprint training himself to run a 45.xx/19.58/9.75 all in their 1st of the season? kinda odd…

Maybe he reads this forum!

loll. :D:p

video of the run: http://ow.ly/15GarZ

Yeah, he’s been listening to Charlie about doing overspeed with the wind.

They (Gay and Drummond) actually said before the NC that Gay was only going to do 1 heat…

He’s done:

Gay runs wind-aided 9.75 in Oregon
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Associated Press

EUGENE, Ore. – It took Tyson Gay only 9.75 seconds to prove that, yes, he’s healthy, and leave the rest of the world wondering what he might do next.

With a helping wind at his back, America’s best-known sprinter ran the 100 in the seventh-fastest time under any conditions Thursday, then exited stage right, not to be seen again at the U.S. championships.

About a half hour after he ran, Gay’s coaches confirmed he wouldn’t be racing again this week.


“Gay went for therapy to a well known guy about a month ago and was asked about his coach and he said he didn’t have one!”

Gay answered this way so that the subject would not go any further.


So who is/are the mystery coach(es)?

USATF still lists Lance Brauman and Jon Drummond.

Same thing I was thinkin. Get charlies books and vids and your set.

Carmelita Jeter 10.72 +3.0

Commentator said fastest all conditions time in 10 years.

Bernard Williams made the final with 10.24w… wtf


Michael Rodgers 9.85Q 4. 0
Ivory Williams 9.96Q 3.2
Darvis Patton 9.90Q 4
Travis Padgett 9.96Q 3.2
Leroy Dixon 10.00Q 4
Shawn Crawford 10.06Q 3.2
Monzavous Edwards 10.00Q 4
Bernard Williams 10.24Q 3.2
Trindon Holliday 10.03 4
Mark Jelks 10.06 4
Trell Kimmons 10.15 4
Ahmad Rashad 10.21 4
Marcus Brunson 10.25 3.2
Walter Dix 10.32 3.2
Rodney Martin 11.59 3.2

Carmelita Jeter 10.72Q 3.0
Alexandria Anderson 10.94Q 3.6
Marshevet Hooker 10.94Q 3
Muna Lee 10.94Q 3.6
Lauryn Williams 10.98Q 3
Shalonda Solomon 11.00Q 3.6
Jessica Young 11.06Q 3
Bianca Knight 11.13Q 3.6
Allyson Felix 11.17 3.6
Gloria Asumnu 11.19 3
Tianna Madison 11.2 3.6
Torri Edwards 11.2 3
LaKya Brookins 11.23 3
Mechelle Lewis 11.26 3.6
Tiffany Townsend 11.57 3

Bob Kersee… doing another fine job with a short sprinter… (sarcasm)


I also want to know why williams qualified. And what happened to dix