what tiem does everyone run their 150’s in while doing say 4-6 for a speed endurance workout?

also on our outdoor track there is no 150 mark… does anyone start from the blue marks on the curve that i belive are for the 400 hurdles?

It depends on the track. Some its at the Blue markers for the 400mh marks some its a few metres back from there.

It’s from the 6th hurdle mark of the 300m hurdles( Hs). I hope that’s the mark because I ran 3 x "all out 150m’s on Wednesday in 16.1’s- 16.3’s w/ 10 min rest.

Kenny Mac

I meant the 4rd hurdle of the 300m IH ( high school) marks.

Kenny Mac~~

45m to the first hurdle of the 300mIM
35 after that, so
45+35+35+35=150 meters
#1 #2 #3 #4

I will usually run two 150’s in 15.3 with 10 - 15 minute recoveries. I will eventually move the recovery out to 20-30 minutes as the season progresses.

damn …15.3 i been runnin mines in 16.7 althouh i aint in great shape with 10 mins recovery…

How about a comparison of 150 times in training (standing start) to 100m race times?

my best hand times in the 100 are 10.6 and 21.2.
i been running 16 mid to 17 low in training.

Did a 150m session the other day 4x150m w/ 250m walk recovery @16.0-16.2 sec. Created a lovely Jakson Pollok afterwards tho …

ran 16.6’s and best of 16.53 HT for 150m …ran a couple 10.9 FAT’s mostly 11.0’s last year

kweli… yo dawg… thas all u ran las yr was 10.9-11.0… and u ran 6.8 60 at nationals…
you are ready to do damage this season kid… i say you go 10.75… holla back…

If he’s got a 6.80 under his belt, he should really be thinking 10.5 or under.

My best electric 150 is 15.45 (split taken for first 150 of a 200m race with 100fps camera) I have no idea what kind of shape i was in for a 100 at the time …

dazed …what was your 200 time in that race that they clocked your 150?

also the reason i said 10.75 was because appearltnly he made a good improvement since last year since a 10.90 11.00 and 6.80 do not match up… i had a friend that ran 6.81 last year at the national meet and outdoors was only able to run 10.5 hand time and 10.82 FAT.

Well I am looking more towards Dazed suggested time because I know I can finish a 100m strong this year unlike last year where I was finishing in like 3.9 (last 40m)

QUICKAZHELL…maybe your friend wasn’t conditioned enough and didn’t run the 200 or didn’t do speed endurance. those might be some factors. Or maybe like me last year, He never ran relaxed :frowning:

I just hope to run well this year and I’m taking little notes here and there off this forum which I’m applying to my Training.



kweli… i wasnt saying you cant go faster than that i was just sayin based on last years times u made a heck of an improvement… best of luck man… keep us informed on your times…

I think the 150 is about 4 metres back from the 400 hurdle mark. That’s my calc anyway

ok so figure what add about .4? if u were starting from the hurdle marks?

wen i get a chance ill measure it out with one of those wheel things… and let you know the distance…