12th IAAF World Championships

He’s young and there for experience and I hope his coaches theat it that way and just get him ready for the relay where they have a reasonable chance of good things.

No 200m for Lemaitre’?

Yes, it is everyone’s nightmare. Not only a poor choice for a surface, they even turned the sprint straight the other way from how it was originally set up so you could enjoy the headwinds coming down an open street full force in your face. The decision was made not to put stands on the west side when the track was put in. They had permission to close the small street beside there to make room but decided not to when the Toronto Argos football team didn’t end up there as well.
I really hope the Berlin track only looks the same - but the verdict is still out.

The backstretch has a problem too, it feels like im running on a flat thin piece of rubber thats elevated off the ground.







Round two - see video - S. Williamson’s technique is so bloody bad - it hurts watching!

Thanks for the videos! I think Bolt is invincible as long as his muscles comply.

Well, hell, why not? If you’re going to screw something up- make it total.

Charlie, any coments on Asafa, Tyson and Usain? What do you think about their performances so far?

yes, this track is not not that great. It feels like just another track… definately not as bouncy as a mondo track! “Dead”, as powell put it would sum up my view of it also :eek:

Yes Gerald…keep the good work up man…nice to see you in the mix there man…! It seems like yesterday we were running at Loughborough…now you’re in Berlin! lol…Good luck with the semi :cool:

You’re view has come back to me from several others too so you are running well under your PB on a good surface- great job!!

BTW, tomorrow, get the same start and stay relaxed and go with the rythm of the surface. don’t fight it. who knows… maybe others will fight it and that’s better for you! Good luck!

Do what that Charlie guy said. Good luck!


Good luck today Gerald, you ran really well yesterday and it did flash up on the board that you ran a NR so thats saying something.

Its interesting to hear all the athletes say the track feels dead, everyone who I have talked to in Berlin (ie german people) say that its a super fast track. Oh well there has been consistantly around a neutral wind and its sunny and warm here so lets hope thats working in the sprinters favor

Good luck Gerald!

Btw. how do you manage to deal with nerves under such pressure?

G Force, great job. You looked like you had a great start! Keep up the great work. More to come from you in the future!

Lauren Williams looked great in her heat, going 11.03. Wonder if she went out too fast.

VCB looked good too. Looked very muscular this year. Maybe just camera angle :wink:

I don’t get nervous competing against faster guys. I would only get nervous if I was unsure about my ability on a given day.