12th IAAF World Championships


Featured - Wariner, Felix, Vlasic, Ennis

Bolt versus Gay headlines athletics worlds

Including video interview with Bolt/Gay


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Asafa almost went out in the first round, running 10.38! He stopped running so early he got passed by 2 guys, and almost 3. Qualification is first 3 automatically, and next 4 fastest. 4th was 10.40. Derek Atkins didn’t make it in 10.44.

Dwain Chambers won his comfortably in 10.18, looking pretty good.


4th place finishers are building up that are faster than 10.38. Asafa almost blew it! His .120 reaction time helped him make it to the 2nd round, as the guy he beat by 0.02 had a 0.03 slower reaction, with a respectable 0.148.

asafa is acting like a rookie

Bolt looked like he’d just woken up from a nap before his heat. Very easy in 10.21 into a slight headwind. His reaction and start looked pretty good.

Tyson looked concerned before his heat, and I’d be worried about a possible nagging injury based on his run.

Nice! Thanks.

Respect to Gerald Phiri, AKA G-Force… level with Usain till 40ish and an easy qualification!

While I don’t think he wanted it to be quite that close, he was obviously trying to spend as little energy as possible in this heat. Based on his past difficulties with running rounds, this was probably the right decision.

Asafa needs to be careful but he needs all his energy for later on. He’s better situated than he has been in the past where he’s overqualified by miles and then run out of gas when it counted.

Lemaitre DQed.

Asafa to win the final;)

The frustrating thing is he looks like he’s actually in form to do so but he’s just tanked the first two rounds.

Shutting down looks flash and easy but how many 60’s can you run at that pace in two days? Normally, with Powell, 3…

Watched several of the QFs. Asafa Powell said the track felt a bit dead and it might be. In fact, it looks suspiciously like the crap they put in at U of T in Toronto but it’s too early to be sure. I’m surprised they didn’t put in Mondo.
Great run by G-Force to get a place for tomorrow. In such deadly pressure, it’s tough to come out there an run right around your pb- which he had to do! A lot of sub ten guys are gone already but he’s still there.
QFs 3 and 5 seemed to be stacked but the results indicate considerable balance across all 5 QFs.

Great job by G-Force. Very exciting sprinting.

Bummed about Lemaitre - thought it might be this week that all the sub10 crap ended.

I’m not sure what sort of times to expect for the final. Track does not, to my untrained and quite distant eye, look great and the winds haven’t helped anyone a whole lot.

But the racing seems to be quite good anyway. Bailey, Bolt, Powell, Gay, Thompson, & co. should be fun to watch.

I am in Berlin right now watching and Asafa looked great but i think he expended to much energy running in the qfinal. Usain was smilling at the guy running and almost looked like he was having a conversation with him. Usain is on point. Tyson is really slow out of the blocks in the first 2 rounds. Just from watching Usain for sure but i think asafa will come 2nd and gay maybe 3rd. I cant wait till tomomrow


I am comforted to hear that you think the U of T track sucks. I have run there twice, and SUCKED both times. It’s like running on a giant sponge.

It sounds like Chambers is running well, I hope he keeps it up.

I have never seen Asafa look so loose on the start line as he did in his 9.95 quarterfinal.

I agree with the opinion of the track…it looks dead…not a super mondo track. Asafa pulling faces and smiling before a race? lol…looks like someone has been taking Boltology lessons.

That U of T track is my nightmare. What a waste of time and a trip. Sponge for a track and not to mention the constant headwind that goes down the 100m stretch. -4.7w on a wet sponge what is that! haha, oh boy.

Well Asafa did look loose, I wonder if he is forcing himself to act like bolt at the start line to try and ease the nerves. His first 30m was phenomenal. But I won’t get my hopes up yet, at this point he always looks like he should win or get 2nd no problem, and things go way downhill from there. I desperately want him to surprise me.

I just noticed that our boy Lemaitre got DQ’d in the big championship. Poor guy.