Yohan Blake : 19.26

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Awesome last 50m, would like to compare splits against Bolt

I heard it was like 9.02 for the 2nd 100. Someone said Ato Boldon announced that. I may have heard it on cf.com somewhere. 10m splits would be fascinating for this race.

I think Yohan’s last 100 was faster than any 2nd 100 that Bolt has ever run.

This is what Ato twitted: “Ok I’m going to guess since I haven’t seen any yet. 10.24/9.02. Sound crazy? Look where he is at 100m. My 1st 100m split might be too fast!”
From the material i have as for now, i think Ato is not far, the first estimations are first 100m circa 10.20.

Thanks for your ‘guess’ pj. It’s nice to have you giving us the best info you have available.

Would It be possible that their strategy for the 200m would be any different from the others?

Somebody posted that charlie’s theorie was 30m all out from the block + maintain.

Others go for 90-95% intensity and all out from the straight.

Thats how ato said he used to run it. All out, maintain then all out again