Yet another - rate this EMS unit thread...

Hi all,
I was wondering if you could have a look at this EMS unit for me…

NeuroTrac Sports XL offers precision and full control of the following:
bullet Pulse Width 50µS - 450µS
bullet Pulse Rates from 2 - 100 Hz
bullet Ramp up times
bullet Work/Rest cycles
bullet Alternating and/or Synchronous Applications, when both channels are applied
bullet 21 Preset Sports Stimulation Programmes
bullet 3 Customisable Programmes for user set-up
bullet Dual Channel
bullet Lock mode function for measuring home compliance of stimulation time in use and the average current used
bullet Automatic switch off when not in use
bullet Compact, light and user friendly

guys i have the original ems unit as prescribed by charlie.i bought it from CF’s contact in the back of the cfts.bought in donegal and ill give it to someone whos serious about the sport.battery packed so can be used straight after training and pads also

i’d love it x but im not really an advanced runner so there’s prob a more deserving cause than me :slight_smile:

If you think otherwise though then me me me…
I might just contact them in donegal myself…

why make another thread then? The other one already covers this exact model a few times?

EMS UNITS Charlie, Others!? pg 9

EMS UNITS Charlie, Others!? pg 8

Pinnacle Health Products

In the pyramid of training its damn near the top so getting everything else in place first is probably best.

Thanks smarrs - apologies for not searching. stupid of me.

To sum up the info already crossed…

neuro trac sport xl datasheet :

ems study

@no23 - agreed but im never going to be a 100m sprinter. 40yards at most is my race and im about 4.7s on that now. So im thinking maybe this could help? Do you think i should not think about it yet and just stick with my weights/plyo’s/sprints?
When do you decide you’re ready for it?
Have you noticed good strength gains from an ems?

As i said in the other thread im keeping it as simple as possible (ala kellyb) but im very interested in the feet strength gains and white fibre recruitment.

My personal opinion?

Focus on optimising training variables and programming - like you said sprints/weights/plyos.

The benefits with EMS are greatest IMO for rehab.

(We’re talking bang-for-buck and practicality here)

But maybe others will have other ideas - that’s me personally… I’m not sure how many out there actually use EMS, or how many have them sitting at the back of the press at home?
A few I’d suspect.

[Like I said - my personal opinion.]

programming is where i fall down big time.
Its mostly my fault in that i do whatever takes my fancy on a given day, but its also forced on me by the haphazard nature of the gaa. Literally we could have a c’ship match fixed on a tuesday night to play on that sunday!!

As soon as gaa is over im goin to stick much more rigidly to the 313 type program from the gpp dvd.

i suppose i was just thinking that if i can get an ems on the cheap that does the job then i’ll give it a go and see if its any good or not. esp on my weak feet. I probably will pick up that model and give it a go but i’ll also work hard on my gpp too

You’re right - by all means do and experiment for yourself.

The GAA structures don’t lend itself I know.

What you need to do is develop a weekly system that you use every week, but in the case of an extra week or 2 have ramping up that can be used (or plugged in) to allow you peak and taper for the next match 2 weeks away.

Not easy - but that’s the only way.
313 as you can imagine doesn’t work during the season.

Yeah, like no23 said, it works great as a recovery unit. I use it for massages, warm ups, capillary stuff, and muscle relaxing programs. Its great.

I did make a custom max strength program. I havent noticed strength gains, but then again, i haven’t used it consistantly. Maybe if you incorperate the max strength stuff 3-4x/week you will notice a difference. Probably not directly from ems work, but in conjuntion with everything you are already doing.

It takes time though (like any other training), due to only having 4 pads as well. But its worked great for me so far, i just ordered in some Dura-Stick II electrodes, so im going to start using it more again.

dude, i bought the neuro track xl today infact. it is awsome from what i can tell. i claimed it on my private health fund and got 70% of $ back, so cheap as.
8 pads, all the settings are adjustable. the intensity level with the 8 pads was fantastic, i could only get about 1/3rd of the intensity before it hurt too much.
i bought through he seems like a real top bloke too, i visited him today, good honest bloke.

I have a NeuroTrac Sports XL too. I have nothing to compare it with, so I cannot say it’s ‘best’ or anything, BUT a couple of points to note:

  • only 3 user set programs is a bit limited
  • setting the mA for channels A & B at the same time is not possible in use (i.e. you must press only 1 button at a time or it won’t increment/decrement the mA setting the channel)
  • many built in programs are complicated by their use of 3 - 5 distinct phases. This is at odds with the more pragmatic approach that CF has outlined elsewhere.
  • many built in programs are quite long in duration (40 - 50 minutes).
  • Modulation Frequency mode is only available in built in programs (i.e. user programs cannot be made using this mode).
  • 90mA may not be enough for use depending on the individual, the muscles targeted and the quality of electrode and electrode-skin contact.
  • frequency could go a bit higher (limit of 100Hz).

Overall though, I’m happy with the value for money of the XL.

Ive also got the Neurotrac XL sports.

I’ve used it during my max strength phase and felt it usefull but the one mode I find invaluable is the “Calming the muscle” programme.

Any niggles or tightness, I can utilise that programme on the affected area and the next day its as good as new.

Between it and massage, my physio costs have dropped significantly.

Thank you Neurotrac :smiley:

Ahhh… will have to try that program out.

I’ve also been thinking of how one could use these units for micro-current use. Surely something as simple as a resistor in-line would drop the current.