Yet another hammie thread

What are the protocols for different recovery methods…

1 - RICE (how long, often, etc.)
2 - Hot and Cold
3 - Contrast Showers
4 - Any others?

400 Stud,

Go for a long walk.


Its good for the circulation, lungs, organs and keeps the muscles from degenerating. All of which will aid in recovery. If you can walk without pain, both during and after the walk, you are past half-way to recovery.


My own approaches are as follows:

Cold Treatment :
From Day 2 - Ice 10 mins on the hour every hour

Hot and Cold Treatment :
From approx. Day 4-5 - Hot and cold 15 mins approx. x 4/5/6 etc.

Any others?:
Sure there are :
EMS, Flexibility, Strengthening work etc.

But check the previous Hamstring Injury thread where there is a lot of very valuable data (from Charlie also) and help - or even add this post(s) to the previous thread and we can keep all the Ham injury resources for the next person…


And the next person was… :rolleyes: - I feel ur pain stud - take it easy with the self massage if u try it - I’d bruised mine even tho I thought I was being gentle.

When ur able I’ve found using a gym bike on an ultra low setting really helpful, placing no stress on ur ham but keeping a good blood flow present.
Same with stretching be careful - it’s hard to restrain urself from attempting more flexibility.

I’ve also been doing slow knee raises and heel to butt 3 x 20 x 3 daily, This depends on ur condition and does make ur hips a little tight tho. Hot and cold is the best tho - without a doubt.

I’d be very interested to know how other past sufferers have re-introduced speed work and at what point after rehab - days / amounts etc.

I was planning ( when able ) to reintroduce apprx 2 weeks after initial injury -

Step 1 - jogging on grass ( 100m jog / 100m rest )
Step 2 - slow runs on grass ( 35 - 50% - 100/100m rest )
Step 3 - Grass tempo ( reduced volume ) 65-75%
Step 4 - 300m hills on grass
Step 5 - 30m hill accs
Step 6 - plyo’s
Step 7 - aprx 80% in’s and outs
Step 8 - 90% 30m accs
Step 9 - 90% F20’s
Step 10 - Usual regime + SE1 - 70/120m

In other words going back to square 1 - GPP type runs for 2 weeks or so.

Good luck - hope u get fixed.

Here’s a kicker guys, I went to practice yesterday feeling really good (I did lots of ice, compression and some hot-cold treatment over the weekend…but no moving :frowning: ), and I did farily well, too. I didn’t really get a chance to get a good warm up in again (which I don’t know if I WILL be able to or not at this point), but even with the warm up I got, I only felt the hammie one time. We were doing continuous relays and I ended up doing 5x100m the first time, 200m-100m-300m-100m the second time (things got messed up) and then a 150 at the end to finish it off. I only felt the hammie on the first 100m of the first set (which it did slow me A BIT), but then after that I was at full speed and flying again as usual (I was FLYING too, it was fun). So, I don’t know what’s wrong. I came home and iced it 2x for 20min and today I’ll be icing again before and after practice (not RIGHT before, though). I guess I just have to watch it. It usualy only affects me the 1st run and then I’m fine. So as long as I just keep up on it and keep it iced, I should be in good shape. However, i would like to know the specifics of the protocols for future reference.

But here’s a question, I was told that Icy Hot or a heating pad before practice would be good. Thoughts?

Glad to hear it’s holding up ok, I’m sure heating it b4 hand is gonna help in the same way as a light massage - specially if ur warm up is rushed.

One thing tho - beware of heat rubs on cold days - I’m sure this contributed to my pull - I’m sure the one I used drew the cold into my ham - mebbe I needed another layer that day. If the weathers warm - np.

How did u ease back into speed after ur initial injury stud ?

I don’t think I have to worry about cold days here in Arizona :smiley:

To tell you the truth, when I FIRST injured it back last year, I never got a chance to “ease” back into it…my coaches had me going full-speed the Monday after (I pulled it on a Saturday). So, by the end of the season I quit (2 weeks before the end), rested, then went back out into it and was fine.

I attributed my injury last year and the recurrence this year to a poor base and long periods of dormancy. But, it’s manageable and I think everything will be fine. Just gotta make sure to keep up on it, that’s all. In fact, I’ma get some ice right now.

Oh yeah, what about compression? I just wrap the leg in an Ace bandage and leave it on for awhile (usually a couple hours) before icing again. Good/bad?

I’ve only use a compression band during rehab, and it did give me a bit of confidence and support. I think it def would have benefitted me the days just after injury tho.

l’m not sure what the score is regarding tightness, or regular usage. Maybe others with more experience would care to contribute too.

Whatever you do if your ham is tweaked REST IT. I tore my ham LAST June and it is still not 100% (Close now but not quite there yet)

Also be sure not to race if it is strained. My biggest mistake was running that meet and having my ham pop at 80 meters. (right up by the ham attachment point near the glute area)

Its very important you take care of it now before it rips on you…

Good luck :slight_smile:


The only problem is that it hasn’t affected me when running. See, last year when I originally pulled it I felt it all day everyday, but my coach wouldn’t let me sit. He had the trainer clear me for full-speed. But, this year it’s much better, and the only problem is the warm up…it’s not right for ME. I need more, so I’m trying to do more, but I’ve been late just about everyday, so I’m stuck doing the team’s warm up. However, when I get a good warm up, I’m good to go. I’m taking care of it and playing it by ear, but at the same time, I’m not going to baby it cos it has yet to reap negative benefits yet. So, we’ll see. I still think this is one of the weirdest injuries known to man with it only hurting on occasions…and now it doesn’t hurt, it’s just uncomfortable and tight.

Look at some massage and other recovery methods in addition to what you are doing now. It might help…

Ok, I will.