Would you recommend these books?

Exercise Physiology

Power to the People

Doing a little eBay shopping and came across these.

Don’t know about the exercise physiology book. Power to the People is a pretty good read and I find Pavel’s humor quite funny. There are some great techniques in Pavel’s book and if you can learn a thing or two from it then get the book. However, his “minimalist program” is not much of a workout. 2 sets of deadlifts and 2 sets of presses is all it takes. While this may be enough owrk for the average couch potato, someone accustomed to higher volumes probably won’t benefit much from it. I did apply the principles to a deadlift cycle a while back and it worked well. Now I use the 2 sets of 5 thing as a backoff workout about every 4 weeks in my training cycles. It has worked quite well for that. All in all, PTP is a good read, and Pavel reiterates the importance of different techniques that are often overlooked (i.e. applying tension, “low gear” strength, etc…) I don’t think his stuff is the “be all end all” like some people, but I have learned quite a few good things from him. Take what you can and discard the rest, as they say!

Good luck.