Would appreciate any quick advice on groin recovery

I’m a novice on this site but i have a quick question. If u could give me some tips or a great thread on it it would be greatly appreciated. I strained my groin 10 days ago. During the meet (i ran the 100, 4x100, 4x200) right after my last race when i cooled down i noticed a pain in my groin which eventually led to a huge limp by the end of the night. I really couldn’t move and had to be carried off the track after the meet. Well for the next 3 days i stayed off it and iced and the limp went away on the third day. It didn’t hurt anymore to walk. The fourth day i rode a bike for 30 minutes and felt pretty good like 95%. Then on the 5th last Wednesday day i jogged and it kinda hurt. Well we had Sectionals on Friday and i was suppose to run 100 and the 4x100 and my coach needed to know if i could go so i warmed up on Thursday and did some straits and it really hurt and i was straining a lot so i didn’t run at sectionals. Well my 4x100 relay team barely qualified so we’re runnin at State this coming Friday and Saturday. I ran a bit yesterday and was a lot better than Thursday but still no were near the level to compete at State. I just rode the bike today for 30 minutes cuz i was sore from yesterday in the groin area. I am planning to start runnin on the track again tomorrow and just jog and then on tuesday to run faster and then on wednesday to go all out and do exchanges and everything and see how it is. I run the anchor leg of the 4x100. So i need some advice on what to do with my groin to help it heal in time for State if possible. I already ice it everyday, do some light stretching and i am now doing that one technique were you wrap the injured area but not tight over night to keep it warm and help blood flow to that area. I hope it works. I was wondering if there is anything else i can do. Would the ART (active release technique) or regular massaging do any good? Sorry for the lengthy post.

Quick fixes are not the name of the game here. I think this site more than most is about being patient, paying your dues, and making solid, consistent progress. Why compete if you can’t be competetive? Especially if you risk further injury. To give advice on recovery we would need to know how long ou have to recover before State.

Hi there GG,

Sorry to here about your injury …

I’m in week 7 of a groin rehab program. I play a team sport so I ‘need’ my adductors a little more than most track athletes… but some of this might help.

I’ve found it to be the most frustrating injury I’ve had. My injury was as a result of a lot of heavy squatting with not enough proper corework and proper stretching.
This combined with a long day job spent behind a desk and alot of driving, effectively titled my pelvis forward, rounded my lower back and titghtened up my hip flexors. My H/s are flexible, but my glutes and hips are very tight.

I have spent the past few weeks working on flexibility and strength. After 3 weeks of proper rehab and good phyiso I was back sprinting 100% in straight lines pain free, turinng at speed is still not attainable yet, but I can weave at 3/4 pace etc quite well.
I also made the mistake of playing 30 mins of a match 2 weeks after injuring myself and this probably put me back a week or 2 minimum.

Since I don’t know your exact situation I can’t give you great advice, but you’ll have to work with a good physio.
You will probably need to do plenty of stretching with the other muscle groups (i.e. quads h/s etc.) possibly more core work and definietely strengthing of the groin muscle group. The timing of these is critical so this is where a phsio will help you. 1 session a week with the physiso should be enough, but never leave them without a sheet of paper with a good program written out for you with every days excercises etc on it right upt until the next session so that you know each morning/day what you have to do that day to improve.

Also - just get a good sports physican to diagnose the injury properly - there are a few issues and serious problems you might have that are often confused with ‘simple’ groin injuries - so just get that checked out also.

Of course the tregular stuff applies - eat well drink water etc. - have a search through the archives and look through the ‘definitive hamstring recivery thread’ where there is more help for soft tissue injuries etc.

Hope some of that helps and good luck …

Thanks for the reply guys. Yea state is this weekend and i’m a senior so it would be my last chance to run at state so i hope i can. I’m feelin a lot better better today after i did that heating technique overnight. I’ll see how it feels today when i run at practice. I know it can turn out to be one of those injuries that takes a while to heal like when i tore my quad 4 years ago as a freshman. Yea I agree seeing a sports physician is a must.

Got back home a couple of hours ago and man is my groin sore. I can run with it but once i run for a while and stop running the pain just kicks in like crazy. So basically i’m icing right now.

ART would definitely help, and be very careful about stretching, as, often the problem is at the attachment area, so stretching can aggrivate the area.