Workout Plan for summer (Basketball)

Hey yall, i was just stoppin in here to ask if anyone has any comments or suggestions about my program that is for basketball. What im loking for are natural and full body workouts (Functional Exercise). I want the wokouts to revolve around basketball as much as possible.

143 lbs
in no way am i trying to bulk, just cut and get alot quicker and faster.

workouts are pretty basic but still effective

[b]Monday -
Sprint 1-2 miles to Gym
200-300 shots
Jump rope 10 minutes

Tuesday -
Core Workouts (Single Arm Cable Pull / Single Arm Cable Push / Wood Chop )
Upper Body Workout

Wednesday - Rest

Thursday -
Sprint 1-2 Miles to Highschool / Shoot 200-300
Run Stairs
Jump Rope 10 Minutes

Friday -
Same as Tuesday

Saturday/Sunday - Rest[/b]

Im trying to add stairs into one more day of the week but cant find a place to put it. Suggestions are wanted/ new workouts to try.


p.s. Here are pictures of me if it helps. im very athletic and already have a strong core but i feel i can improve on it and make it more functional. also i want to add more vertical to my jump so any workouts that can improve that are wanted.

5"10, 140 and you’re trying to “cut”?
no offense, but you’re workouts are horrible
good luck sprinting 2-3 miles lmao
no squats/deads? no lowerbody at all?
it looks as if youre workouts are all incredibly slow-twitch
you’re pics dont look like you need to be cutting IMO.
what is your upperbody workout?

EDIT: Post youre stats (maxes on squat, dead, bench etc etc. ) I’m going to guess your limiting factor is strength, and seeing as youre not squatting or deadlifting at all , you really need to rethink your plans. At least you seem dedicated, which is better than 1/2 the players out there, so good luck.

Lowerbody is the running, jumproping, and stairs. all of those are fast twitch fibers.
Like i said i will be sprinting (80%) to and from highschool and 24 hour gym. all are at least a little over a mile from my house. and jump rope for 10 minutes, with stairs that will work on quickness. if those arent working my fast twitch fibers then please give me a workout that will.

here are the stats that i know of.
vertical leap - 30 inches
1 mile - 6 min 28 sec
Bench - 135 pounds

the upper body workouts will be
benching 2 sets of 4-6 reps.
and the core work outs that i showed you.

To me my workouts seem to be very effective and fast twitch fibers. But maybe im wrong.

I know the mile + run is definately slow twitch, but I’m not positive about stairs. Jumproping is fine. That being said, it’s still not much of a leg workout if you’re looking to increase your vert.
As I said in the other post, you’re limiting factor is almost certainly strength. You need to be squatting and deadlifting as much as you’re body can handle.
If it’s necessary for you to run to the gym/hs etc. (lack of transportation) then maybe you can do some intervals, like sprint for so many seconds, then walk for twice that many.
You need to add some rows of some kind , if all you’re doing right now is bench.
Here’s just a sample routine, change it up however you want:

Monday (high intensity) - Intervals to Gym
Plyos: Depth Jumps
Box Jumps
Weights:Full Squats
SLDLs (straight leg deadlifts)
Step-ups/Lunges/ or Split Squats
Calf Raises
200-300 shots

Tuesday (low intensity) - Core Workout
Low intensity weights : Bench Press
Seated Rows

Wednesday - rest

Thursday (high) - Intervals to Gym
Plyos: Depth Pushups
Weights: Bench Press
Row Variation
Lateral Raises or Shoulder Press
Dips or Skullcrushers
200-300 shots

Friday (low) - Core
Low intensity weights: - Squat Variations
Calf Raises
Ballhandling etc.

Saturday- Sunday off

I hope this helps.

Trying to cut? You are already pretty lean if you ask me… You can afford to add some muscle if you ask me… Probably wouldn’t hurt. What exactly are your goals coming out of that program? Just curious… Running miles isn’t going to enhance your fast-twitch fibres… Search function?

The long runs will actually hurt your speed and power. You wont gain much with this program either. Just a few pointers: you should be doing 500-600m worth of hill sprints and track sprints up to 10m-40m with low intensity/recovery days in between the speed days. As skinny as you are, and since this is the off season, you should do a body building split routine. One day of upper body one day of lower body. You need to eat if you want to gain wieght.

So maybe a week will look like this:
day 1

plyos (if you didn’t play bball)
upper body

Day 2
med intensity cardio (tempo-do a search for this)
ball handling/shooting
lower body

repeat this days 1 and 2 once or twice in a week.

What is your 40yd time and vertical?

Damn good vertical… How bent are your knees when you go for the vertical? I think you might be able to pack on some mass there kid…

Forget about the mile time (which sucks anyway). You should be worried about your 40 time and your vertical. You will never run more than the legnth of the court anyway.