What do you guys think about sprinting and lifting on thurs. if you are competing on saturday?

For example right now our coach has us doing …

Monday-Speed or Speed Endurance/Lift
Tues-Ext tempo
Wed-Active recovery circut in pool
Thurs-Special Endurance (3-4 x300)/ Lift

He said he wants us to take 2 recovery days before the second workout. He feels this is important unless we are on the verge of qualifying for NCAA’S in an event or up until our conference meet, and nationals. I personally think that we should have an extra day to recover before a competition rather than mid week beofre a workout. What do you guys think? Will this affect my performance or is it right what he is doing?

*We talking about college athletes here running in the high 21 -22 second range in the 200 and sub 50 in the 400.

Is this comp important? Maybe as a slight taper you could drop weights on that day and maybe a rep or two?

I see quite a few people scheduling workouts the way QUIK described. Is there anything using this method of training?

Monday - Speed/Speed Endurance
Tuesday - Ext. Tempo
Wednesday - Speed/Speed Endurance
Thursday - Ext. Tempo
Friday - Pre. Meet

As you say, I would agree it would be reasonable to take the two days before the meet instead of mid week, but if the meet isn’t important and there are more important training goals that sounds reasonable. My previous coach used to have us do speed/speed end 4 times Mon-Thurs even before previous competitions so your schedule looks pretty light compared to that! The only question I have is why the SpecE session on Thursday and not Monday? Maybe it’s from athlete to athlete, but I’d feel fried doing that without a tempo/active recovery day after. I’d feel completely stiff for days.