Working on Overall Speed.New to the Board

Im a sprinter I need some help translating my strength work into the track. This off season ive done lots of lifting and I want to make sure that I am able to apply the gains ive made in the weight room to the track. I am a 10.90 sprinter and I really would like to try to dip into the 10.60-10.50 area and possibly lower because I feel I am no where near my potenial.

Now the problem ive been having is people tell me what to do,but they arent very specific and everyone doesnt need the same thing.And the only way I understand things is if they are very specific so I understand what I am doing and why Im doing it. And I know for a fact that what I need help with is with my starts. But over all I just want to be faster when I transfer colleges in the spring of 2007.So basically I want to work on transfering my strength training to the track,getting a better start,and over all just getting faster all together.

Ive been doing strength training 3 days a week and I have been lifting for 2 and half years. I have also run 22.50 for 200 meters.

Thank You.I hope to learn a lot.

Very Specific: Use the Search Function

What does your coach say? Have you read CFTS? That is where you start.

i really think the gpp dvd would be great for you give it a thought, just dont buy it BUT FOLLOW ALL SEVEN WEEKS. for as translating ur strength work to the track, first keep gettin stronger, second make sure u r doing lots of speed work, third you should be during plyos and med throws. the plyos and throws is really translate over to the track more then weights in most cases.

Also, Fundamentals DVD will give you Start lessions.

I train myself sir.Thank you.

any think inparticular you need help in?

You might want to purchase a cheepy video camera if you are set on training yourself. You really need an outside perspective to see how your technique compares to the best in the world.

Try to find an elite sprinter with your body dimensions to model. Don’t just model your favorite sprinter, if he is 5’9" and you are 6’2", its a different ball game.

Look at a massive amount of video tape from professional sprinters. Look at guys known for their starts. If you are shorter look at MO, ATO, Jon Drummond, Micheal Greene, OLU, and the like. If you are taller, look at Asafa, Gatlin, Obekwelu, Christie.

You will find that there is no right way to run fast because many different techniques have been successful. Find the way that fits you best and perfect it. Video, watch, critique, over and over. There is no secret, only finding what works for you.