Work affecting training.....

I have a situation with my work that makes me have to juggle around my weekly sessions to fit in all that I have planned each week. I travel for my work, which means that, for example, I may not be in a city that has access to a track on my speed days, or access to a good gym on my Gym days etc… tempo days are not a problem…I can always find a park, football field or a hill somewhere. So, in all, I may end up having to double up training days into one, and combine either speed and gym, or tempo and gym on the same day, then have an extra day off as I won’t have good training access. How detrimental could this be? I am training great at the moment, but long term detriment to periodisation? Thanks for your help…


IMO… I would say that as long as you can fit in all training elements into the week you should be ok. I would try to really focus on a solid schedule closer to meets. I can’t see mixing your workouts effecting you too much. Shit if you can’t get to the track find a level pavement and do your sprints in trainers. Find a parking lot just do what you have to. If you are mixing different elements in the same day just remember… Speed and power are the most important. So drop the supplemental stuff if you have to.

quit your job and find a rich cougar! :stuck_out_tongue:

You can do it, and I guess you can do it and organize it. And then you would be a model to a lot others. Trust me. I do REALLY RESPECT people like you. Just doing what your doing and thinking the way you are is enough to make you Hero already.

I used to travel a lot too and can relate to what you mean. IMO (and experience) worrying about it can have more negative impact than just accepting it and adapting. There is an extra stimulus from unfamiliar surroundings and some of my best workouts were away.

Thanks guys…really appreciate the positive feedback…