WL Motor Units & Track

Keeping in mind that Clean & Jerk and Snatch recruit about the same number of Motor Units as maximal sprints and explosive med ball throws, respectively, would you change any of these WL exes later on in the season (i.e., during competitions)?

Would such an approach leave more room for quality track work (e.g., better CNS recovery), or consistency maintenance with all that this means (i.e., keeping Clean & Jerk and Snatch in the programme) would prove more important?

In what way would you be able to monitor track progress more effectively and realise current season’s potential?

Thanks for any input!

PS Please, assume these two WL exes as the main ones, just to “eliminate” influence from others…

I would think you should reduce the volume/intensity but not drop them. Don’t forget and the end of the season you are lifting more for stimulus and maintenance and not for gains. Also, the great thing about using the snatch and the clean is they allow you to get in and out quickly(very small work-load in the weightroom).
The only effective way to monior track work is to keep and I on the clock when it comes to speed and spec endurance (make adjustments from there).

i agree with theone (for OLs).
It’s a question of maintanance (and stimulation) in this sub phase

Thanks for this!
I am not implying of dropping them altogether, but changing perhaps the Clean & Jerk to Clean only -as an example.

Personally, I wouldn’t change anything, but I am open to any suggestions and/or experiences.


I think Charlie has mentioned if an exercise is worth doing its worth doing all the time. Change will bring about ‘stiffness’ and a greater potential for injury?

If I were to make a change, I would go the other way… cleans to clean & jerk. Going from C&J to C would likely mean more weight being use (not good for maintenance work). If you go from cleans to C&J the weight use would be lighter and the lift should be faster, maybe, serving as a little conversion phase :eek: .

With more M Units involved though :slight_smile:

I see your point, TheOne… It’s a more “classical” approach vs. the “consistent” one; hopefully by the end of it I’ll have some idea of what works best, as I’ve tried what you are suggesting.

As I said before, I won’t change anything anyway, as full OL are performed from the beginning. I was just hoping for more input and experiences…

Thanks though!