Without weight training equipment for a year


I’m going to be taking a year out to travel. I will be without access to weight training equipment for this entire time.

So, if you were without equipment for an entire year, what exercises and what type of program would you use for your strength training?

Weighted pushups, have somebody sit or lye on top of you while doing pushups.

one legged squats, can be weighted by doing them eccentrically and then using both legs for the concentric part. Again a person piggyback on you or in front of you can substitute for the weight. Dumbells?

EMS to try and keep whatever strength levels you have.

Poormans GHG, check the GHG threads for this.

Weighted Lat Pullups.

Will you be nomadic or staying in one place for an extended period of time? If so I would recommend a pair of moderate weight dumbbells (say 60-70lbs), and a 10 or 12 lb medball. Right now I don’t have access to weights and will be doing pullups, dips, pushups, bodyweight squats (can’t do as many as you’d think) step-ups, walking lunges, one leg RDL, one-leg squats. I do all this at the local kiddie park in my shitty town. No kids during the day. I would reccomend you check out dragondoor.com and crossfit.com

Your not going to jail for a year are you?
Just playing. Anyway, what everyone said is very good suggestions. Perhaps where you are staying there are other things you can lift? Im sure we can be creative and think of furniture, bed, and other type of objects perhaps?

:smiley: AdamC, maybe look into Pavel’s stuff, in his book naked warrior, it has a lot one arm push up stuff, handstanpushups, pistols, all this stuff is very difficult and would probably keep you stong the whole time you were away, it can be done with nothing pretty much anywhere, even in a small jail cell!!!

Thanks for the replies and suggestions, but I think you have over active imaginations! :stuck_out_tongue:

I will be nomadic. 3 months around south east asia, 8 months australasia and a month or so in the US of A.

Think it would be a little impractical to carry dumbells around in my backpack as I need all the space I can get. Plus i’d be a human sweat ball with all the extra weight.

My main concern is losing a lot of strength in my lower back after working hard at my deadlifts. I can only think of back extensions. Maybe I could do weighted ones with my backpack, but still wouldn’t be that heavy.

I’m liking the single limb stuff. Certainly something I can train to master.

ps In all the prison films I’ve seen they have weights and stuff :wink:

maybe bring thick or thin bands…they are easy to carry…will there be rocks where you are…find a big rock and deadlift the hell out of it…also if you can only find smaller rock deadlift em with speed…throw em behind you!!! also look at the planche push ups and try to master holding yourself flat over the ground (legs fully extended) Maybe read the push up everyday post, I put an article on the planceh there) The one gymnast in the article just from doing gymnastic type stuff pulled like 4 or 5 hundred pounds his first day in high school lifting class…If you can hold your legs out straight in a static planche, that will probably up your deadlift power !!!


Let me clarify, you can pick up heavier and heavier girls doing fullsquats while picking them up! I wouldn’t recommend talking each one home though! There comes a point to diminishing returns and there also comes a point to the deadweight issue! Alternatively you can pick up one 100lb female infront of you while you give the other 100lb female a piggy back ride!

Well ive been travelling in New Zealand for a couple of months and Ive been goin the gym no problem once or twice a week, not costing that much either. Also, met a bird but because she’s only 53Kg Ive been restricted to just overhead press here.

Supervenom I date girls that are 200 plus just incase we go on vacation I can carry her to maintain strength, depending on my goal, that will depend on the type of chick I will go after :p…In my attempeted strength phases I shoot for low to middle 300 pounders!!! Plus they usually can protect me when we get in trouble at a club :smiley: