Wind Correction


Athlete A & Athlete B runs the 100m
same meet different heat.

Athlete A won his heat in 11.01 w/a +2.2 wind.

But Athlete B won his heat also in 11.10 w/ +.04 wind.

Question, what if Athlete B had A’s wind, what do you guys think he would have posted w/ the 2.2 wind.

And vise versa?


Kenny Mac~~

My answers

Athlete A w/ the 11.01 would have posted 11.11 w/ the .04 wind, and athlete B would have posted 11.00 w/ the 2.2 wind.

Any thoughts?

Kenny Mac~~

there you go… all your questions will be answered… post the results the calulator gives you…


Kenny Mac~~

of course! that what this forum is all about “sharing”! L.O.L.:smiley:

It’s tough to draw difinitive conclusions about wind as it is so variable and only gives you a reading at the meter and not in the lane of the athlete.

Charlie very true… and don’t they press the button on the wind gauge to get the reading only half way through the race?? i know in the long jump it is done this way. so what if there was not wind at the start of my 100 race and all of a sudden there was a gust of 3.3 wind for a second at the the 50 meter mark. my wind reading would be 3.3?

Not exactly. The wind meter runs for 10 sec during the 100m. The wind calculation is adjusted to the time the meter runs. It runs 13 sec in the hurdles- less in the Long Jump (can’t remember)

ok… i didnt know that… thanks for that tidbit of info.

Thanks those were the answers I was looking for. It was pretty hard to plug in the wind for each athlete.

Example, for the 11.01 guy the table only gives you the correct time which was 11.15, But I was looking for what if the wind were switched, like zoom100 stated.

What you said Coach Francis made a lot of sense.

Thanks guys!

Kenny Mac~~

The measurement duration for wind velocity in horizontal jumps is 5 secs. and typically taken near the top of the runway.

There was an examination of wind measurements published in New Studies In Athletics some years ago. The conclusion was basically that the wind could be blowing at different speeds in different lanes at different points in the race.

Have you ever made any race adjustments based on the wind conditions as you perceive them? For example, if it’s early in the season and you have a pretty good tailwind, do you give any specific instructions?